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10 Best Engagement Ring Designs and Styles

Choosing an engagement ring is always a bit of a challenge. No one wants to buy them blindly and for many, it is necessary to find out what is trendy in jewelry fashion this year. So we decided to show you our top engagement rings styles to help you with the choice.

Solitaire Engagement Ring are always in style

Solitaire and custom engagement rings are always in style. And this year is no exception for this. They are tremendously refined and the shine of a single gem (diamonds are the best choice for solitaire) attracts attention even higher than plenty of diamonds disposed on one piece of jewelry. In this year, the trend will not be neat rings with a large stone (these are more suitable for engagement), but models in which the diamond is “sunk” in gold.

Side Stone Engagement Ring look great whole year

Diamonds are peaceful neighbors, they do not interfere with each other and look great in large numbers. Designers propose this feature to the newlyweds and pay attention to side-stone rings, in which stones can be located on the certain part of a rim.

Pave Engagement Ring

And if you want even more diamonds on your engagement ring, take a look at pave engagement rings. Their rim is fully covered with small diamonds in a row or even in some concentric circles if the rim is considerably wide. More about Rings enhancers. And yes, it is trendy to buy a ring with pave or micro-pave.

Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Three-Stone Engagement Ring is a good compromise between solitaire and pave ring. It looks refine but luxury at once and it allows to make an amazing combo of diamonds or different gems in it. Especially if they are decorated with pearls, sapphires or a brilliant taupe.

Halo Engagement Ring

One of the most interesting among engagement ring trends is a trend for halo rings. Delicate sparkling of gems surrounding the central diamond makes the halo effect and the ring looks amazing.

Vintage Engagement Ring

Do not put your attention only to the new style engagement rings! Vintage is always looking good, especially in jewelry. Vintage-styled or really antique pieces of jewelry will be a good idea for engagement.

Unique Engagement Ring

Every bride wants her engagement ring to be unique and different from the others. Many famous engagement ring designers create unique masterpieces to order – for example, for celebrities. But small jewelry studios or craftsmen can come up with a unique design for you and turn it into reality. Therefore, if you don’t like the standard ring options, you can always give free rein to your imagination and come up with your design because uniqueness is in trend!
It is impossible to answer unequivocally what is the most popular engagement rings style. It is important for the ring to please its owner for many years. So take that fact as a matter when buying a ring for engagement.

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