How to choose a diamond? Guide to Buying Lab Grown Diamonds

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What is a synthetic diamond?

What is synthetic diamonds?

Gems for rings undergo several stages of pretreatment and have the same characteristics as natural stones. They may have similar color, while their surface is polished the same way. Synthetic diamond looks the same as products imitating the original. These are moissanite, sapphire, topaz,...

About Lab created diamonds in Dallas

What Does lab created diamonds mins?

  Like any industry, the diamond industry is always evolving. This year, manufacturers and consumers alike should be prepared for the changes that the industry will undergo, largely because millennials will be taking over the customer base. Not sure what's to come? Here's everything you need...

Man made diamonds in Dallas

What Does Man-Made Diamond Mean?

Diamonds are among the top values of humanity. It is quite reasonable due to their glitter and shine. Another reason that makes diamonds so evaluated is that in nature, they are rare and hardly mined gems. But what about a new word in gemology that...

Best Places to Buy Lab-Grown Diamonds in Dallas, TX

Dallas is the center of the whole Western American life. This metropolis with more than 1.300 000 inhabitants has become a mainstay of business life in the region since its inception. Add to this the huge number of American and international corporations that have chosen...

Other Lab Created Stones

It is very important to understand the difference between lab created diamonds (and other created gems) and their imitation counterparts. Unfortunately, many dealers sell the latter under the banner name of “lab created” but this is in fact untrue. This is because they do not...

More about Moissanite

Just a few more points to consider, following my previous article about Moissanite. Identifying Moissanite Because of the higher dispersion factor (ability to split light into rainbow colors) that gives Moissanite its signature fire, it can be easily identified when compared to a natural diamond. Anyone who...

Technology of lab created diamonds

HPHT and CVD diamond growth processes

High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) Diamonds In the HPHT process, small diamonds are used as seeds. Graphite is dissolved in a molten metal at high pressure, and slowly precipitates as new diamonds. Interestingly, the HPHT process can also be used to improve the colour of natural diamonds, changing them from...

Questions about Engagement rings with lab grown diamonds Sofia Lior

More Lab Created Diamonds Questions

  I wanted to take a look at some more common questions about lab grown diamonds in this article. There is a lot of interest in the comparison between real and lab diamonds, which is very understandable. After all, if a lab diamond has the exact...

Emerald diamonds in Dallas,Tx

Lab Created Emerald Rings

Of all man made gems, lab created Emeralds benefit the most from being produced artificially. Emeralds that have been sourced naturally are known for their high level of inclusions, which is the technical term for imperfections in the stone. Most natural Emeralds must have these...