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Lab diamonds & engagement rings best solution

Engagement Ring with Lab diamonds
Golden Engagement Ring with Lab diamonds

Lab diamonds engagement rings are not only beautiful, they are also durable, status, economic right. Lab diamond is considered one of the hardest minerals on our planet. All his life, a diamond retains its properties without being subjected to deformation or destruction. In other words, a mineral can exist for an unlimited period of time. And the love of this mineral is due to its another quality – it is a high refractive index of light, which is why the stone shimmers ideally regardless of whether artificial or sunlight is illuminated.

More and more customers in the wedding market continue to favor lab diamonds as their choice for engagement rings. According to the study, 66% of those actively looking for engagement rings said they would consider purchasing a ring with diamonds grown in lab, while another 23% said they would definitely buy a ring with a synthetic diamond. This only says one thing: the demand for lab diamonds engagement rings is the best choice.

The main driving force in this case is the consumer’s conviction that he can get a larger and higher quality diamond grown in the laboratory at the same price as a smaller natural one.

Jeweler’s opinion about lab diamonds in engagement rings

Recently, many jewelers have claimed that lab diamonds sell well with engagement rings. This is due to the fact that synthetic diamonds are environmentally friendly, socially responsible and are the best choice in terms of combining price and quality. Jewelers say that when it comes to quality, artificial diamonds have exactly the same atomic structure as natural diamonds and sparkle exactly like genuine diamonds, but they cost less.

Today, most of the new couples who want to legitimize their relationship, in the choice of engagement rings give their preference to lab diamonds than natural ones. Many jewelers are now tagging their collections with lab diamonds, as these jewelry have a laser tag certificate that they are grown in the laboratory. Jewelers, offering their customers a choice between synthetic diamonds and natural stones, are ethical because they sell both genuine and laboratory-grown diamonds, providing certificates for both types; at the same time, buyers experience confidence and do not feel cheated.

Jewelers advocating for synthetic diamonds argue that higher quality, lower cost, and lower environmental impacts of producing artificial diamonds are more attractive than stones mined from the bowels.