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More about Moissanite

Just a few more points to consider, following my previous article about Moissanite.

Identifying Moissanite

Because of the higher dispersion factor (ability to split light into rainbow colors) that gives Moissanite its signature fire, it can be easily identified when compared to a natural diamond. Anyone who has seen a few real diamonds would also be able to pick it in most lighting conditions as well. However to the untrained eye, it might not be so obvious. Interestingly too, Moissanite can actually fool some diamond testing machines (thermal testers) and produce a false positive.

However it is safe to say that if a thermal diamond tester gives a positive result, the stone is either a diamond or Moissanite no other stones will give the same result. It should then be a simple matter to distinguish between the two visually. In addition to the dispersion, birefraction will produce a visible difference. As mentioned previously in my article about Moissanite jewelry, birefraction is caused by the internal crystalline structure of the gem, and results in facets of the gem looking ‘fuzzy’ when viewed from certain angles. Finally, Moissanite can sometimes be identified by long thin ‘inclusions’ (imperfections) in the stone, visible under magnification. Still, there are several benefits of Moissanite vs diamonds with price being a significant factor!

Caring for Moissanite

Moissanite is extremely hard, close to a real diamond, so you don’t have to worry about it chipping or wearing more than any other jewelry. The metal that it is set in is more likely to become damaged than the stone itself, but sensible precautions will be enough as with any jewelry, don’t store your rings or other pieces anywhere that they might move and scratch each other.

Moissanite jewelry can be cleaned using a any acid free cleaner. Often, soap and water and a small brush like a toothbrush will be enough to clean your jewelry. However an ultrasonic bath is another practical method.

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