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Other Lab Created Stones

Lab created stones: sapphire, ruby, emerald

It is very important to understand the difference between lab created diamonds (and other created gems) and their imitation counterparts. Unfortunately, many dealers sell the latter under the banner name of “lab created” but this is in fact untrue. This is because they do not fit the definition of being made of 100% of the same composition and properties that the real stone is made out of. So definitely beware of shady companies hawking misleading “lab created” stones. Many people have been burnt this way.

Is Lab created Sapphire real?

Let’s take a look at true lab sapphire. This is made of corundum as is the naturally occurring stone. In fact, it is created from a powder of real sapphire, so that is about as close as you’re ever going to get to the real thing. The good thing, of course, is that this will cost you much less than the real thing. If not for that, I suppose there would be no market for lab grown stones. Lab created corundum with various added trace elements is sometimes sold as synthetic alexandrite.

Lab Grown Ruby

Now, lab created ruby can also be very beautiful. Like its predecessor it is made out of corundum. Those who love the passionate color red will have to take a second look at this first-rate creation, as it looks and feels essentially just like a real ruby. It is very stunning, and as always you can save a lot of money going this route. (Not that anyone ahs to know that!)

Lab created emerald

Finally we come to emerald. This is a member of the beryl family as all lovers of the color green will likely already know. One great feature of lab created emeralds is that they typically have a higher degree of perfection than is normally found out in the wild. This is really one of the unsung reasons to choose synthetic other than the price. Of course, you will find that it is made of the same materials composed in the same way too.

Keep in mind that all of these pieces are literally grown in a lab, and as such can be subject to the ever-watchful eye of their overseers. This degree of attention has created some truly brilliant lab created stones over the years, and will doubtless continue to do so. There is no better way to get to wear the “real” thing without having to pay for it. Every color and gem can be represented so exquisitely that everyone you know will truly be impressed.