Cushion Lab Grown Diamonds

What is Lab Grown Cushion Diamonds?

Our lab diamonds are indistinguishable from mined diamonds of equivalent quality
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Lab Grown Cushion Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds, also referred to as the mine cut or old mine cut, derive their name from the shape, which resembles a pillow.The origins of this diamond traces back to the 19th century. The cushion cut diamond wasn’t always known as that – in the past, the shape was originally referred to as the mine cut. The mine cut was a square diamond that had rounded corners. It was named after the Brazilian diamond mines.

But this mine cut is different than the modern cushion cut that you know nowadays. The old mine cut had 33 crown facets and 25 pavilion facets (58 total facets). Instead of the modern cushion cut wich has 64 facets. You’ll notice modern cushions have more brilliance than their old mine counterparts.

Cushion Cut Diamonds – A Complete Guide

A cushion-shaped stone will have a square-rectangular cut with rounded corners & large facets to enhance the brilliance of the stone. This stone shape is for the woman who knows that the past dictates her future and she isn’t afraid to embrace it with both hands!

This antique style cut has a classic, romantic appeal, and is also known as “pillow-cut” diamonds. Synonymous with royalty, cushion-cut diamonds are coveted for their distinctive soft shape and brilliant facets. Cushion cut engagement rings are sought after due to their enduring sophistication.

Adorning the fingers of brides for centuries, the rounded corners and fiery facets of a cushion cut create a dazzling kaleidoscopic effect that catches the light and emphasizes the stone’s beauty. This is typically one of the most important factors that women are most concerned about when looking at different shapes of diamonds and what each one has to offer!

Will lab grown diamond changes color since years? – No, this is not true for lab-grown diamonds. A lab diamond sold by Sofia Lior in Dallas will never fade in brilliance, or change color. All our diamonds have certificat and we offer a lifetime warranty.

Are cushion artificial cut diamonds popular?

Why do cushion shaped diamonds get the attention while others go unnoticed? We connect this fact with celebrities and other important figures we hear about in the news are partly, if not majorly, responsible for that. When celebrities get engaged, newspapers, fashion magazines and online news sources announce the news with high quality close-up images of the engagement symbol – the ring with Diamonds. Diamond professionals take a closer look and make an effort to determine the 4c’s of that particular ring, that is, the carat, the cut, the color and the clarity.

Some celebrities who have been given cushion-cut diamond engagement rings are Megan Markle, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian & Dwyane Wade, Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello And this list, no doubt, will be replenished with an increasing number of famous people and celebrities.

Why Lab Created Diamonds?

Our lab diamonds are indistinguishable from mined diamonds of equivalent quality


For every carat of diamond that is mined, nearly 100 sq ft of land is disturbed and almost 6000 lbs of mineral waste is created.


All in all, mined diamonds result in 1 injury for every 1,000 workers annually, while lab-grown diamonds result in zero.


No diamond is free, but due to the shorter supply chain, lab-grown diamonds can be anywhere from 35-50% less expensive than mined diamonds.


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