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How to Choose Your Ring Size?

Choosing a ring to buy it is quite important to determine the right size you need. If we talk about buying it in offline stores, it seems not to be a problem. Just try it on and it’s OK. Sometimes, unfortunately, even this doesn’t work. No matter to say how hard it could be to choose the right size when buying online. Especially, when you buy it not for your collection but some other person as a present.

How to Measure Ring Size

First, you should know about lab grown diamonds ring size is traditionally measured in inches or mm. Main features that are used are the following:

To get a diameter is easy. Just take measured circumference and divide it to p Constanta that is 3.14 in the period. Be aware that Aussie and European classification differs from the US.

Measure Your Ring Size Steps?

So, to get the right size, i.e. when you want to buy a ring with lab-created diamonds, you need to get its inner circumference. To do this at home, you can choose one of the following methods.

Find a local jeweler to help you choose your ring size!

By the way, it is a great option not to get disturbed with finding out your ring size. For this, you can get a consultation from one of the local jewelers. He will calculate your size accurately.

More Ring Size Tips

There are also some tips you should know.

Ring Size Chart

If you want to buy a right size of a ring that’s a little chart for you. With it, you can easily choose an appropriate size. Well, if you have already chosen the wrong size of a ring, do not worry. We have good news for you. Lots of ring options can be resized.

What Happens When My Ring Is Resized?

If the ring is bigger than your finger, it is up to your jeweler to make it smaller. In some cases, the ring can be extended too. But it works not for all designs and types. Better, ask your jeweler if your ring can be resized.

What If I Order the Wrong Size Ring?

There are some tips you may take into account.

One can judge the type of the stone presented by its look.

Rings That Can’t Be Resized

There are some rings that cannot be resized due to their configuration or design. They are:

How to Determine Ring Size

If you have a ring and you do not know its size, the best option is to take it to the jewelry store where the professional will measure it. You can also determine the size with the calipers’ help.

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