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What is Lab Grown Princess Diamonds?

Our lab diamonds are indistinguishable from mined diamonds of equivalent quality
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Princess cut Lab Diamonds

All experts and jewelry lovers can say that the cut of a gem matters! For the most expensive and astonishing gems that are diamonds, it is a princess cut that is on the top of popularity for 50 years already.

Being created only a half a century ago, princess-cut diamonds are still in fashion today. Such diamonds are angular and may appear square from above view, but from the side it more resembles a pyramid. The predecessors of the princess cut diamond settings were square and rectangular cuts with sharp corners.

What Is a Princess Cut Diamond & Princess Cut Rings?

Invented by Basile Watermeier in 1971, the square cut that was named Barion is technically more sophisticated, with 80 facets and complex symmetrical lines. The Quadrillion cut appeared 8 years later and, despite the external resemblance to Barion, has only 49 facets. The most popular princess cut variations have from 57 to 65 facets but there are items with both more and fewer facets.

Of course, jewelers have designed princess rings for her. It suits to underline the beauty of a woman. Even more, it is already a tradition to decorate with the princess cut engagement rings. As a lab-grown diamonds of a princess cut looks clear and sparkling as the love itself is, it resembles the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Princess cut for diamond engagement rings is chosen by various royalties, celebrities and by rich people worldwide. But it doesn’t mean that a princess cut diamond ring is a costly thing you cannot afford. Today, you have multiple options from the most expensive to quite affordable ones to your choice.

The 4 Cs for Princess Cut Diamonds:

  • This cut has from 57 to 65 facets and an angular shape.
  • Clarity depends much on the gem that has a princess cut. As usual, natural stones are less clear that the lab-grown ones.
  • Carats. If you compare the weight of a princess-cut diamond with the gem of another cut, the first one will have more carats due to it maximally repeats a natural octahedral shape of a stone and has fewer losses when cutting it.
  • Color can be also different but the clarity and color of this cut are very important because with this cut, a low-quality color will be very noticeable in the corners of the stone. A G-H-I color scheme is recommended if you are buying a cut that will be set in platinum or white gold. For a yellow gold jewelry, you can take a diamond in the J-K marking.

Princess Diamond Sizes. Most Using Carats Weight

The fashionable types of jewelry for princess cut diamonds are stud earrings and wedding or engagement rings. That is why both big and with fewer carats princess cut diamonds are in demand.

  • 1-carat princess cut diamonds are suitable for earrings or casual rings
  • 1.5-carat princess cut diamond ring can look splendid in any design. But as usual, it is the best choice for casual jewelry
  • 3-carat princess cut diamond ring is a gem for engagement

Does Princess Cut Look Bigger Than Round? If we compare similar in size gems, round diamond will seem larger when viewed from above, compared to a princess cut.

Are Princess Cut Diamonds More Sparkly Than Other Shapes? Princess cut diamonds have strictly square shape with facets arranged by analogy with classic round diamonds, which allows achieving an equal effect of “play in the rays of light”, close to the indicators of a round-shaped gemstone. This is the reason they are claimed to be among the most sparkling cuts.

Is Princess Cut Cheaper Than Round? Yes, it costs cheaper. Due to minor processing losses, it has a positive effect on the final value of the diamond. Of course, the price depends on several features.

How Do I Buy a Princess Cut Diamond in Dallas Texas?

Seeking for the clearest and the most impressive princess cut diamonds in Dallas, TX, you are welcome to the Sofia Lior jewelry shop. Our experts choose the clearest and the most transparent gems both natural and lab-created. In our store, you can find exclusive lab-grown diamonds of a princess cut and numerous pieces of jewelry incrustated by these gems.

You can buy lab-grown diamonds of a princess cut in Dallas, TX cheaply in Sofia Lior jewelry store. And we can bet no one can distinguish that you are wearing not a mined diamond.

How to Care for Your Princess-Cut Diamond?

All rules that are suitable for a diamond care work properly for a princess cut stones. You can wash it slightly in a soap liquor and rub gently with a soft rag. Do not use hot water to clean your diamonds.

Princess cut is among the greatest ideas for modern jewelry. You can highly appreciate its deep sparkling and solid shape. And such a gem is a splendid decoration for engagement rings.

Why Lab Created Diamonds?

3 Reasons To Choose our Lior Lab Diamond


For every carat of diamond that is mined, nearly 100 sq ft of land is disturbed and almost 6000 lbs of mineral waste is created.


All in all, mined diamonds result in 1 injury for every 1,000 workers annually, while lab-grown diamonds result in zero.


No diamond is free, but due to the shorter supply chain, lab-grown diamonds can be anywhere from 35-50% less expensive than mined diamonds.


Match A One-Of-A-Kind Diamond With One Of Our Unique Engagement Settings To Create A Timeless Princess Lab Diamond Engagement Ring That Will Be Affordable and Beauty. Call us (214) 655-8822 to schedule a private appointment.

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