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Engagement Rings with Lab Created Diamonds

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Engagement rings with lab created diamonds in Dallas,TX

Engagement rings with lab created diamonds


Unique in their qualities, lab created diamonds are considered a sign of high status, profitable investment and a standard of true beauty. Exquisite brilliance, perfect clarity and size make each individual gem especially priceless. But in addition to diamonds obtained by cutting diamonds mined in quarries, today the world is conquered by their synthetic counterparts – lab-created diamonds. What are they? Let’s get some info about synthetic diamonds.


That is the first question that arises from lovers of exclusive jewelry. And we can safely say: yes, lab-created gems are real diamonds, indistinguishable from stones mined in wildlife. While their creation, they acquire all the characteristics that mined diamonds have including such specific features as strength, structure, shining, refractive index etc.

Calling synthetic diamonds a copy is wrong. Rather, it is the same mineral, produced in different ways. It’s worth noting that the only differences between the two are the way they appear. In one case, stones are born in nature, in the other, a person puts his hand to their creation.

If nature needs to spend millions of years creating stones with perfect purity from carbon, then thanks to the advanced technology, people have enough minimum time to grow a diamond in a laboratory.

Nowadays, the business of creating synthetic stones and lab grown diamond rings are very popular and diamonds are even made from the ashes of cremated people. Let us consider in more detail how the process of diamond synthesis occurs under laboratory conditions.


The idea to make diamonds came to people 300 years ago, when it was revealed that these stones are composed of 100% carbon. But before the first successful experiments, at least 2 more centuries had to pass. By the way, the automobile giant General Electrics became the pioneers in the field of making diamonds in laboratories. True, the first samples of artificial diamonds were far from ideal: they were very small in size and of imperfect clarity. Today, things have changed and laboratories can grow really big stones. The maximum size of an artificial diamond entered in the Guinness Book of Records is 34 carats.

Several technologies are used to produce artificial diamonds

  • Thermobaric method (temperature and pressure). The stones obtained by this method are relatively inexpensive since the costs are not high. The bottom line is heating (1500 degrees) carbon under high pressure (50,000–70,000 atmospheres) with the participation of metal catalysts.
  • CVD – a method of chemical vapor deposition. Stones grown by this method are used in optics and electronics. Using heating (3100 degrees) or microwave radiation, hydrocarbon gas (methane) is deposited on a silicon wafer. The resulting film is 2–3 mm thick
  • Explosive synthesis. An artificial copy is made from graphite under high pressure due to the detonation of explosives.
  • Ultrasonic cavitation. A graphite suspension is added to the organic solvent under normal conditions, and an artificial mineral is grown under the action of ultrasonic cavitation
  • The first two methods are especially popular because they can be used to get perfect cut diamonds that are used in jewelry


The main advantages of lab-created diamonds are:

  • Ability to grow stones of perfect clarity and the desired color
  • Ability to grow large size diamonds rarely found in nature
  • Growth rate in the laboratory is much faster

The cost of finished stones is much lower because the costs of extracting natural diamonds, their cutting and evaluation are much higher than the costs of laboratory methods.

The Most popular engagement rings with lab created diamonds

  • lab created diamond solitaire ring
  • side stone engagement ring with lab created diamonds
  • pave engagement ring with lab created diamonds
  • Three-Stone Engagement Ring With Lab created Diamonds
  • Halo Engagement Ring With Lab created Diamonds
  • Vintage Engagement Ring With Lab created Diamonds
  • Unique Engagement Ring With Lab Grown Diamonds

Most of these lab created engagement rings can help you find the right ring and buy it. A lab created diamond on such a lab engagement ring will sparkle with great brilliance and delight the lucky person of such a ring. 


If we compare artificial diamonds with those mined in nature, then the only drawback of the former is their ideal shape. Many connoisseurs prefer unusual and often defective natural diamonds that have their own nature. But for jewelers, such unique designs become a real pain in the ass due to the complexity of their use. So is it worth paying more for a mined diamond if its lab-grown diamond is equally beautiful?

Why Lab Created Diamonds?

Brilliants does not cost a fortune


Lab Grown Diamond is genuine diamond but a not natural diamond which means it has all the same diamond physical characteristics of natural diamond but not the cost associated in mining natural diamond.


Lab Diamonds are sometimes associated with cheap diamonds but there is nothing cheap about them, they are just a lot most cost effective to produce than mined diamonds with the same physical characteristics of mined diamond.


No diamond is free, but due to the shorter supply chain, lab-grown diamonds can be anywhere from 35-50% less expensive than mined diamonds.

  • Lab diamonds marriage proposal


As lab-created diamonds continue to grow in popularity, diamond shoppers will be asking themselves this exact question. But, the only one who can answer that question is the shopper.



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