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Lab Created Diamond Engagement Rings in Dallas TX

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Engagement rings with lab created diamonds in Dallas,TX

Engagement rings with lab created diamonds

What Are Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings?

Unique in their qualities, lab created diamonds are considered a sign of high status, a profitable investment, and a standard of true beauty. Exquisite brilliance, perfect clarity, and size make each individual gem especially priceless. But in addition to diamonds obtained by cutting those mined in quarries, today the world is conquered by their synthetic counterparts, lab-created diamonds. What are they? Let’s get some info about synthetic diamonds for proposal rings or engagement rings.

Among the diversity of engagement rings, lab grown diamond rings are a new trend. They are made of pure gold, but the lab created gemstone engagement rings that are a part of their design are a unique masterpiece of human thought. It is similar to a diamond in its sparkle, clarity, and color. Besides, the weight of a lab-grown stone is heavier. Even its structure is quite similar due to the process of its crafting, which resembles the natural process of growing a diamond but in rapid succession.

The best lab created diamond engagement rings include these diamonds that could be hardly distinguished as man-made. Even a sophisticated jewelry pro cannot tell whether it is a natural gem or a lab-created one without special equipment and tests.

When a happy fiancé asks how to choose a lab grown diamond ring with this kind of stone, we advise him to just look at it. There are lots of splendid designs for lab-grown diamond engagement rings, as they are very gorgeous and exquisite. So you are welcome to trust your own heart and taste to choose the best one.

How to Choose an Engagement Ring and the Style of the Ring

The first thing that should be considered when we are talking about the choice of jewelry, no matter if we are talking about a man or a girl, is its design and style. As with so many countries, there are so many customs, so each person has his or her own peculiarities that make us unique. And it will be a good idea to enclose these peculiarities in a piece of jewelry created for a very special occasion, namely an engagement.

Lab-created diamonds engagement rings can be similar in style to trendy jewelry with natural stones. Even more, due to the price of a lab-created gem, you can afford bigger diamonds and get more of them for your ring. You should not think that because lab-created diamond rings are cheap, they do not look deluxe. They are! They have intense sparkling, and their cut is almost the same as that of a natural gemstone. So, what engagement ring styles can be chosen?

  • Classic engagement rings, thin laconic rings with a solitaire diamond of a round or emerald cut, are always at the top of the popularity list as they suit everyone. It may seem a bit old-fashioned, but it is not a big deal, as engagement is a tradition itself.
  • Modern lab created gemstone engagement rings that resemble washers inlaid with small diamonds in a Cartier style look exclusive and luxurious.
  • Extraordinary rings with hidden diamonds inside their inner sides are also an interesting idea.
  • Pavé-style rings are ensuring that a bride is chic.
  • The art deco style is a good idea for an engagement ring, as it is fancy and light, reminiscent of even jewels.

There are lots of options available for a synthetic diamond engagement ring. You can choose among ready-made designs or provide your own idea by ordering custom engagement rings for your loved one.

Engagement Ring with Lab diamonds

Engagement Ring with Lab diamonds


Lab diamond engagement rings are not only beautiful but also long-lasting, status-enhancing, and cost-effective. Lab diamond is considered one of the hardest minerals on our planet. Throughout its life, a diamond retains its properties without being subjected to deformation or destruction. In other words, a mineral can exist for an unlimited period of time. And the love of this mineral is due to its other quality: it has a high refractive index of light, which is why the stone shimmers ideally regardless of whether it is illuminated artificially or by sunlight.

More and more customers in the wedding market continue to favor lab diamonds as their choice for engagement rings. According to the study, 66% of those actively looking for engagement rings said they would consider purchasing an engagement ring with diamonds grown in a lab, while another 23% said they would definitely buy a ring with a synthetic diamond. This only says one thing: the demand for lab diamonds engagement rings is the best choice.

The main driving force in this case is the consumer’s conviction that he can get a larger, higher-quality diamond grown in the laboratory at the same price as a smaller, natural one. As in every segment of jewelry, for engagement rings with lab diamonds, there are also public favorites. We are ready to introduce these public favorites among lab-grown diamond rings. Here they are!

  • Solitaire engagement ring
  • Side stone engagement ring
  • Pave engagement ring
  • Three-Stone Engagement Ring
  • Halo Engagement Ring
  • Vintage Engagement Ring
  • Unique Engagement Ring

Most of these lab created engagement rings can help you find the right one and buy it. A lab created diamond on such a lab engagement ring will sparkle with great brilliance and delight the lucky recipient of such a ring.

Lab-Created Diamond Engagement Rings for Men and Women

Recently, many jewelers have claimed that lab diamonds sell well with engagement rings. This is due to the fact that synthetic diamonds are environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and the best choice in terms of combining price and quality. Jewelers say that when it comes to quality, artificial diamonds have exactly the same atomic structure as natural diamonds and sparkle exactly like genuine diamonds, but they cost less.

Today, most new couples who want to legitimize their relationship prefer lab diamonds over natural diamonds when selecting engagement rings. Many jewelers are now tagging their collections with lab diamonds, as this jewelry has a laser tag certificate stating that it was grown in a laboratory. Jewelers, offering their customers a choice between synthetic diamonds and natural stones, are ethical because they sell both genuine and laboratory-grown diamonds, providing certificates for both types; at the same time, buyers experience confidence and do not feel cheated.

Jewelers advocating for synthetic diamonds argue that the higher quality, lower cost, and lower environmental impacts of producing artificial diamonds make them more attractive than stones mined from the bowels.

As usual, organic engagement rings with diamonds are the prerogative of women. Some men think that diamond rings look girlish and are only suitable for the kitchen. But it is not so! There are also splendid designs of engagement rings developed specially for the strong half of humanity. You may appreciate a signet ring with a big solitaire in the center that looks brutal and manly. There are also special, up-to-date designs that are unisex. For example, there are Cartier-style rings with diamonds inlaid in the center of a wide, flat ring surface. In case you are seeking similar rings for him and engagement rings for her, this option will be good for you.

How to Find Engagement Rings Near Me?

Of course, it is essential not to drive hundreds of miles to get your perfect pair of engagement rings. So the request to buy engagement rings near me is quite normal. One more thing that requires you to buy engagement rings in Dallas if you are a local is a pandemic that provides certain limitations. We advise you to choose among the following options:

  • You can go to the nearest mall in Dallas. It doesn’t guarantee that you’ll find something very special here, but for classics, there are lots of designs.
  • You can buy engagement rings online. Better yet, read reviews of the store you are going to buy your rings from. This can assist in avoiding fraudsters.

It is not easy to find rings with lab-grown stones even in network stores, but you can get them online, as organic engagement rings of that kind are available in stock and for custom order in the Sofia Lior store.

Yellow Gold vs. White Gold Engagement Rings

One more thing that should be mentioned when finding engagement jewelry is the type of metal. As usual, it is gold. But what kind of gold should I choose? When we compare yellow gold engagement rings to white gold engagement rings, they first appear to be classic and traditional engagement rings. But if your girlfriend prefers silver or white gold jewelry for casual wear, you should choose white gold to make a perfect match with other pieces of jewelry.

For diamond engagement rings, all kinds of gold suit, including fashionable lemon gold or rose gold. And it makes no difference whether you select gold or silver engagement rings, as silver does not enclose the beauty of a gem the way gold does. We are sure that our tips will be useful for you, and you’ll buy a real masterpiece to present your bride on this special day.

Where To Buy Lab Created Diamond Engagement Ring In Dallas, TX?

Engagement rings with man-made diamonds have their own sparkle and charm. Best lab created diamond engagement rings are only gaining momentum in sales with new customers or those who already own laboratory diamonds. In Dallas, Texas, you can come to our showroom and make sure you can find an engagement ring for your type of laboratory diamond. Our Dallas jewelry store is focused on selling engagement rings to fit any form of lab-grown diamond, and you can be delighted with our selection and collection of engagement rings or proposal rings.

If you have not bought a lab diamond yet, then you can buy one from us and at the same time choose an engagement ring by its type. So that the laboratory diamond stands out against the background of a beautiful engagement ring! Also, you can order a custom-made engagement ring from us if you have not chosen a diamond for the shape of the ring or if you already have a diamond but want a unique engagement ring!

FAQs Lab Created Diamond Engagement Rings

How to buy a diamond engagement ring?

Buying an engagement ring can be difficult. Here is a guide with tips on buying engagement rings. Firstly, pick a metal for the engagement ring. Second, measure the ring size, and finally, choose the ring setting and shape of the diamond. Also, you can pick a reputable jeweler to help you buy an engagement ring.

How much does a 1 carat engagement ring cost?

The price for a 1 carat engagement ring ranges from $3,500 to $20,000.

Is a 1 carat diamond good for an engagement ring?

A one carat diamond is a good size for an engagement ring. It is large enough to display all the visual properties we want from a diamond. At the same time, a diamond weighing one carat is an acceptable size.


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