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The Best Solitaire Engagement Rings

The engagement ring has changed in style over many years. Jewelry stores have tried to keep up with the trends and changes in engagement ring design. The one ring that has not had many changes in its design is the solitaire. For many years, the solitaire engagement ring has been a staple of jewelry stores. It all began with a simple band of yellow gold with a diamond or gemstone placed on top. Its simplicity was perfect. Looking down at your hand was a diamond, pearl, or gemstone being proudly displayed on your hand. This simply perfect design, started with the craftsman of Tiffany & Company back in 1886. Since then, the design has had gone through subtle changes. Although, some will say the original is still the best! Tiffany still uses a six prong head for a round solitaire, but the solitaire engagement ring is not limited to round diamonds.

Solitaire Designs Today

Solitaires can be more affordable than other options because the focus is on the center stone, instead of other diamonds or design within the engagement ring. With so many choices of shape and gemstones, the solitaire has evolved to accommodate new arrivals in gemstones and shape. Although the band around her finger is relatively simple, the head will secure that diamond on her finger. For example:

  • Round and oval engagement rings are set in 4 or 6 prongs heads. Four prongs will show off the stone more, making it appear larger than a 6 prong head.
  • Pear shape engagement rings are set in 3, 5 or 6 prong heads.
  • Emerald, Radiant, Cushion and Princess cut engagement rings are set with 4 prongs and may have slight variations.
  • These shapes are not limited to diamonds. These heads are designed to fit personal style and taste.

The Solitaire Engagement Ring Choices You Have

Jewelry stores have been looking to offer their customers choices for the diamond solitaire engagement ring. Some customers felt that they were priced out of a beautiful engagement ring or that they did not want a diamond for personal reasons. Either way, until 1998, customers had few options. Looking for something beautiful, durable, and cost-effective was not possible. No one wanted a CZ that would last a year at best because it was too soft. Jewelry stores tried lab created white sapphire, but it lacked brilliance. The moissanites arrived and gave the customer the alternative they were looking for. Their moissanite solitaire is more brilliant than a diamond by 2 ½ times, more durable than any stone but diamond, and very affordable. A 2-carat round diamond can cost anywhere between $15,000 and $30,000. But the moissanite equivalent can be $1500 or less, including the solitaire setting. Today, moissanite is available in all the shapes we use in fine jewelry, as well as in a variety of beautiful colors.

The Sofia Lior Solitaire

The solitaire engagement ring offers a unique look focusing on the center stone, whereas a halo engagement ring gives you the illusion of a larger stone because the entire ring design is the point. The solitaire is the ultimate symbol of engagement and is not used in any other way. Solitaires, unlike halo engagement rings, allow the wearer to choose any wedding band to accompany their solitaire. Halo engagement rings are usually part of a set, whereas solitaires give you the freedom to choose a wedding band. The craftsman at Sofia Lior will create a stunning solitaire as well as help you find the perfect wedding band. For a selection of handcrafted solitaires and wedding bands, see our online selection at Sofia Lior Diamonds to find your perfect solitaire engagement ring.