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Moissanite vs Diamonds: What’s the Difference?

Learn the key differences between Sofia Moissanite stone and diamond
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Moissanite vs Diamonds

We compare diamonds to find the best diamond in performance and price.

Moissanite stones continuing to take the engagement ring market from diamonds industry. In the last year, insane number of our customers are continuing to request and purchase Moissanite Custom Engagement ring with a moissanite center stone as opposed to a traditional mined diamonds. Moissanite is a very good substitute to the diamonds because it is a white stone as diamond and it is double the brilliants then a diamond which means it sparkles twice as much as any mined diamond. Moissanite gems come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The beauty of the moissanite it provides our customers with an ability to purchase a larger size stones for the fraction of a mined diamond price without create a whole in his bank account.

Moissanite vs Diamond: Beauty, Durability, Price

Sofia Lior clients continue to demonstrate an insane interest for moissanite engagement rings in the current fine jewelry market.  In recent trends it also shown in the World Fine Jewelry demand is high quality designed moissanite engagement rings and looks like it will continue to increase. It goes without saying that this stone is becoming a real competitor to the diamonds.

Moissanite occupies a specific niche for good reason. It comes in different sizes and shapes.  It is characterized by a special sparkling charm, natural beauty and unique luxury. Does it sound persuasive? We bet, it does! If you still have some doubts concerning the look of moissanite rings vs diamonds, just read some moissanite engagement ring reviews to be sure, that it is a great alternative to a diamond.

Moissanite gems are really hard stones. This is shown by the Mohs scale. A score of Moissanite is 9.25 and they are almost as hard as diamonds.  Their score is 10 up on the same scale. This makes moissanite extremely durable. It is perfect for daily wear and there is no need to remove a ring from your finger. Other natural gemstones, such as emeralds and sapphires, have lower scores on the scale.

Moissanite vs diamonds in Dallas

Is Moissanite a Natural Diamond or a Great Alternative?

Many people who see moissanite for the first time or just have heard about it have some questions about this gem. And the most common sounds like does moissanite look like a Diamond? We can definitely say if you are not a professional gemologist or a skilled jeweler, you may not see the difference as both look similar. Even more, moissanite compared to diamond will show more intensive rainbow effect due to its higher refractive index.

All other features of moissanite that are considered by gemologists also differ from those of a naturally mined diamond. It has a bit less hardness than a diamond and moissanite is denser than diamond and therefore heavier. That is why moissanites are not diamonds but they are the most beautiful stones that look like a diamond being a great alternative to rare and more expensive natural gems.

Moissanite is a very good substitute to the diamonds because it is a white stone as diamond but it is double the brilliants then a diamond which means it sparkles twice as much as any mined diamond. It is worth to underline that difference in cost of Moissanite sometime 20 times less than a mined diamond. Now we will try to uncover all the peculiarities you need to know in order to understand the differences and benefits of Moissanite vs Mined Diamonds.

Compare Prices Between Moissanites & Natural Diamonds

The most attractive thing about moissanite is their price. Moissanites will cost far less than mined diamonds if we compare their size and quality. Let’s have a look at one example. Moissanite 1 carat might cost approximately $650. Its price will depend on its quality. At the same time, a 1 carat GIA certified diamond can cost you at least $5,000. In this case its quality also plays a role. For $1,500 you can purchase a 3 carats Oval Moissanite, while an Oval 3 carats diamond will cost at least $30,000 or even more if the quality is high. Price is an extremely important factor. In this situation any person has an opportunity to save considerably.  Moissanite gives people more options when it is time to choose a design for the custom designed engagement ring.


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Moissanite vs diamond side by side

We have mentioned earlier about some differences that moissanite has. Let’s talk about the comparison of moissanite vs diamonds in more details. We will compare it only with naturally mined gems not taking into account the comparison of moissanite vs lab created diamonds. As you may know, there are some essential criteria for gemstones evaluation. They are 4Cs:

  • Carat. Due to the fact that the moissanite is denser than the diamond, for similar shape stones, moissanite will have more carats. In our table, you can see that moissanites we compare have 6.13 and 7 carats versus diamonds of 5 and 7 carats.
  • Color. The color scale for diamonds starts with Latin alphabet letter D. In gemology, gems classified from D to F (DEF) are the most transparent ones. And if the mark on the stone is G or further, it is called almost colorless because of a slight yellowish tint, which can be seen when comparing diamonds of colors D and H. If there is nothing to compare with, then no specialist will notice any shade In our table, moissanites are given the highest classification. For natural diamonds, such mark as DEF refers to very rare and investment diamonds. These diamonds are only supplied for custom made jewelry. That is why, diamonds in the table are classified by E and H. By the way, moissanite fire is twice brighter than of a diamond thanks to its colorless.
  • We should tell some words about clarity even if we haven’t compared it here. To find a gem with the highest clarity level is a die-hard task. For lab-grown moissanites extreme clarity is normal.
  • Cost. This argument is also of high value. Due to a complex process of mining and a little resource, the price for a diamond is almost always very high. For moissanite, the price per carat is much lower. Take a look at the table. For 7-carats gems, the price differs 150 times!

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