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The Best Halo Engagement Ring

Halo engagement rings have become part of the history of current engagement ring designs. Although halo engagement rings were popular in the 1920s and 30s, today, halo jewelry was reintroduced out of economic necessity. In the beginning of the 21st century, the United States like many countries was enjoying economic surpluses. Jewelry stores saw increases like no other time in their history. However, as we approach 2008, the United States started to see signs of a recession. Like many events in our history, people find ways to make it through some of the hardest times. The recession did not stop loving couples wanting to get engaged and start a new life together. 

Although they may not be able to spend like they could a few years earlier, customers found a way to exchange rings and show their love to each other. Jewelry stores were feeling the pinch, too. Therefore, jewelry designers created the halo engagement ring and the under halo engagement ring. With a smaller center stone and small diamonds surrounding it, making the engagement ring brilliant and full of life, even with the smaller center stone. Engagement rings are a symbol of love and promise. And since so many invested their hard-earned dollars during a tough economic time, the halo engagement ring means so much more. And the halo engagement ring was reborn.

Not a Solitaire

Solitaire engagement rings focus on an individual center stone diamond, having no other stones in the design. Halo engagement rings aka under halo engagement rings create a larger look. The entire ring is the focus, the way the diamonds surround the stone, the flow down the side of the ring, and the brilliance of the diamond being framed.

The ring itself is greater than the center diamond.

Halo Engagement Ring Styles

Halo engagement rings offer customers an opportunity to have a large look without getting a larger center stone. A half carat diamond will look like a one carat, saving customers a lot of hard earned dollars. Halo engagement rings or under halo engagement rings can be made with any shape center stone. Some halo engagement rings are made with a double halo, with multiple metals like white and rose gold in the same ring. Although the halo engagement ring sounds like it is just a center stone surrounded in diamonds, halo engagement rings are flexible enough to add a personal flair. Your halo engagement ring (under halo engagement ring) can be set with a natural diamond, lab grown diamond or moissanite.

Types of Halo Engagement Rings

The regular halo engagement ring is any shape center stone surrounded in additional diamonds of equal size. The ring may have diamonds down each side of the ring.

Double halos have two halos surrounding the center stone.

Unique halo engagement rings have different size diamonds in the halo, creating a unique halo shape.

Round diamonds do not need to have a round halo. The halo can also be cushion shape, creating a fuller look for their halo engagement ring over the round halo.

Halos do not have to be the identical shape as the center stone. Square or rectangular center stones can have rounded corners or clipped corner.

You can hide the halo under the diamond, creating the under halo engagement ring.

Halo and under halo engagement rings can have alterations to the non halo part as well. The halo engagement ring or under halo engagement ring is a very flexible design, allowing different designs or preferences to accentuate your center stone. Sofia Lior designers handcraft each design to precise specifications. Our under halo engagement rings and halo engagement rings can accommodate a natural diamond, lab grown diamond, moissanites or colored gemstone of your choice. Check out our online inventory at Sofia Lior Diamonds to find your halo engagement ring or under halo engagement ring.