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Diamonds are considered to be girl’s best friends but also they are in charts of main material values of this world. They are considered to be a universal currency, and jewelry with them is a sign of luxury style and high status. We need to say, reserves of natural stones are not endless and finding large and at the same time, clear diamonds is not an easy task. Lab Grown diamonds help solve this.

But if you did not manage to find a clear water diamond for your decoration, you should not despair because today the trend is not only exclusive but also environmental friendliness. And then they come to the rescue, lab-grown diamonds.

What Are Lab-Created Diamonds?

Synthetic, or artificial, diamond is an imitation of a natural mineral that is in no way inferior to the original. Are lab created diamonds real? Of course, they are! Synthesized diamonds are free from defects, cleaner and harder than natural ones.
Synthetic diamonds are produced in laboratories using several methods. To manufacture them, expensive equipment and high-quality raw materials are required.

How Are Lab-Created Diamonds Made

Several techniques are in use to produce Lab Grown diamonds.

  • The first one is named HPHT or the thermobaric method (temperature and pressure). Such pressure-created diamonds produced by this method are relatively inexpensive since the costs are not high. The bottom line is to heat (1500 degrees) carbon under high pressure (50,000–70,000 atmospheres) with the participation of catalyst metals.
  • CVD is a chemical vapor deposition method. CVD diamonds grown by this method are used in optics and electronics. Using heating (3100 degrees) or microwave radiation, hydrocarbon gas (methane) is deposited on a silicon wafer. The resulting film is 2–3 mm thick.
  • Explosive fusion. An artificial copy is produced from graphite under high pressure due to the detonation of explosives.
  • Ultrasonic cavitation. A graphite suspension is added to the organic solvent under normal conditions, and an artificial mineral is grown under the action of ultrasonic cavitation.

Currently, the most popular is diamond production by the first two methods.

What Are Lab Created Diamonds Called

Artificial diamonds have many names. Depending on the method of production, their size, color and country of manufacture, they can be called cubic zirconia, Moissanite stones, white sapphire, topaz or zircon. The name is also influenced by the final characteristics of the stones, including their strength, refractive index, purity etc.

Where to Buy Lab Created Diamonds

Artificial analogs of the gem are produced in the largest quantities in China, USA, Japan, Russia, Ireland, South Africa where the largest diamonds labs are functionating.

But you do not have to travel halfway around the world to acquire the coveted stone or jewelry with it. Our jewelry store will help you with this. We only work with certified imitation diamond manufacturers and our lab created diamonds and engagement rings with lab created diamonds in Dallas are exceptionally high in strength, clarity and size.

Benefits of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Laboratory-grown diamonds have many advantages:

  1. Often, they are much harder than natural analogs, which means that their use for technical purposes is more than justified.
  2. Such diamonds can be grown to truly enormous sizes. Have you seen a natural diamond the size of a chicken egg for a long time?
  3. The cost of even the most laborious process of growing diamonds is much lower than mining stones. Moreover, this even applies to third world countries, where the cost of mining is very low. And it means you can buy loose lab-grown diamonds for the price of a single gem of natural origin.
  4. In laboratory conditions, it is much easier to grow a diamond that is ideal in terms of purity. And the color can also be laid when growing.
  5. If you see lab-created diamonds reviews, you can notice that there is no difference at the first sight so you can buy jewelry online with them to make an impression as you have a real natural diamond.

Your lab-grown diamonds in Dallas are waiting for you! We are offering a diverse assortment of lab-grown diamonds and various jewelry pieces with them to make your image brilliant.


Lab-grown diamonds are composed of the same chemical crystal as natural diamonds and exhibit the same fire, scintillation, and sparkle.

Genuine Diamond

Lab Grown Diamond is genuine diamond but a not natural diamond which means it has all the same diamond physical characteristics of natural diamond but not the cost associated in mining natural diamond.

The Same Characteristics

Lab Diamonds are sometimes associated with cheap diamonds but there is nothing cheap about them, they are just a lot most cost effective to produce than mined diamonds with the same physical characteristics of mined diamond.

Competitively Priced

No diamond is free, but due to the shorter supply chain, lab-grown diamonds can be anywhere from 35-50% less expensive than mined diamonds. This does not mean that a lab-created diamond is “cheap.”


Diamonds are sent to a gem lab that specializes in grading diamonds. The majority of these labs grade using the 4c’s (cut, clarity, color, and carat — more on those later), however, a select few use their own criteria.

The most popular diamond certification labs are:

  • Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
  • Antwerp World Diamond Center (AWDC)
  • American Gem Society (AGS)
  • International Gemological Institute (IGI)
  • Gemological Science International (GSI)
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