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Sofia Lior Diamond is full custom design shop that allow your customers to bring their jewelry ideas into reality.

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Jewelry Stores Meeting the Needs of Their Customers

Jewelry stores strive to offer customers something fresh and unique engagement ring styles. The halo engagement ring has been around for over ten years now. The halo would surround the center stone giving the look of a larger center. This was most useful when around 2008 when customers were in the midst of a recession. Still wanting to get engaged, jewelry stores noticed their customers needing to spend less but still wanted a stunning look. The halo engagement ring was the answer. Their half carat natural diamond can look much bigger. But times and styles change.

A New Marriage of Lab Grown Diamonds and the Under Halo Engagement Ring

Today, customers have choices for unique engagement rings. Jewelry stores are noticing their customers selecting larger diamonds, especially lab grown diamonds. In comes the under halo engagement ring. This new design was created, partially, out of necessity. The unique under halo engagement ring is beautiful, offering additional sparkle to their ring. These hidden halo engagement rings offer much more than beauty, but stability. Customers choosing the lab grown diamond hidden halo engagement ring are getting larger diamonds, requiring more support to hold their center diamond. The under halo is the support bar keeping the prongs in place. Without the under halo, the prongs holding their center stone are longer and may make it easier to shift or move, making the diamond loose. For example: Oval and pear shape under halo engagement rings are set with larger spaced prongs needing additional support. The hidden halo connects the prongs to one another, allowing for the unique look that people are looking for in custom engagement rings, as well as, center stone safety. Lab grown diamonds and under halo engagement rings became available around the same time, creating an opportunity for something truly unique.

Under Halo Engagement Rings

Under halo style rings usually have a slimmer ring build, allowing for unique wedding bands to complete a stunning look. Jewelry stores are noticing the trend of lab grown under halo engagement rings with larger center stones than a couple of years ago and their choice of wedding bands are fitting nicely up against the under halo creating a bolder look.

Customer are noticing many benefits to the under halo engagement ring.

The under halo design is safe a choice to secure their investment.

The under halo engagement ring offers them that additional bling they are looking for.

And best of all, the under halo is no more expensive than other choices they may have.

Why Sofia Lior?

Sofia Lior carries a large assortment of diamonds and unique under halo engagement ring settings. Our jewelry designers and master jewelers have collaborated to create designs that are timeless and heirloom quality, allowing you to choose a beautiful under halo engagement ring with confidence. For examples of these unique under halo engagement rings, check out our online jewelry store at Sofia Lior Diamonds to find your perfect under halo engagement ring.