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What is better moissanite or diamond?

Compare Moissanite or diamond

What Is Moissanite? That is a gemstone that has already won its fame as the main rival of diamonds. But do you know about the extraterrestrial origin of this gem? The romantic history of that space-natured gem also adds popularity to this mineral, but first of all, jewelry lovers are attracted by its physical qualities, and they even surpass the physical qualities of diamonds in moissanite!

Comparing the Appearance of Diamonds and Moissanites

That synthetic gem is one of the hardest things on our planet. In terms of strength, it ranks second after diamond. It is much stronger than emeralds or rubies. In terms of its reliability, it is almost ideal for casual jewelry. It perfectly withstands any aggressive environmental influences, including extremely resistant to scratches and other mechanical damage.

moissanite or diamond

Brilliance and Fire

Although the official classification provides the gradation of moissanite only by its color, the cut is of no less importance, on which the brilliance of the gem directly depends. Since the optical characteristics of a mineral differ from those of a diamond, the processing of the moissanite must also differ from the cut of a diamond.

Appropriately cut round moissanites blend in perfectly with any style and go well with any outfit.

The Princess cut, the Passion cut, Marquise, Pear, Cushion and Heart shape are also trendy. The Asscher cut that as usual, is used for emeralds can be also applied. All of them provide excellent brilliance of a gem.

As for fire qualities, they are more bright and full of color in moissanite than in diamonds thanks to its refractive index that is 0.55 higher than that of a diamond.


As for the color variety, that space gem easily bypasses diamonds in it: since most of these precious stones are synthesized in the laboratory, the colors of the mineral surprise even the most experienced connoisseurs. In general, moissanites are divided into three color categories:

    • Colorless, transparent (classes D, E, F)
    • Almost colorless (grades G, H, I)
    • With a slight shade (grades J, K)

Transparent colorless moissanites vintage rings are practically indistinguishable from real diamonds. And in their other modifications, they are especially appreciated in yellow, green and especially rare blue shades.


The cleanest are artificial synthetic gemstones, as they are created in a human-controlled process, so the presence of inclusions is minimized. And the best purity is with moissanite.

Physical Qualities

    • The refractive index is 0.55 higher than that of a diamond, that is, this mineral sparkles 25% more than diamond.
    • The play of light, the so-called dispersion index of moissanite is also more than two times higher than that of a diamond.
    • The purity of moissanite is higher – different impurities may be present in the diamond.
    • The diamond is less heat resistant.
    • The hardness of the two precious minerals is virtually the same.

Budget and Size for Moissanite vs. Diamond

As for cost versus size, the comparison will also be in favor of moissanite. Compare moissanite vs diamond obviously that even the largest stones made in a laboratory will cost ten times cheaper than natural diamonds. At the same time, visually you will not be able to distinguish them from each other without laboratory experiments. That is why moissanite today is often called a “new diamond” and it is predicted that over time, it will significantly replace natural stones in the production of jewelry.

moissanite or diamond