Radiant Cut Diamond
Radiant Cut Diamond

The lab grown radiant-cut diamond has a rectangular or square shape with an octagonal contour and is a combination of the stepped and brilliant cuts. What is a radiant-cut diamond? The lab grown radiant diamond combines the elegance of the lab grown emerald with the beauty of the lab grown princess diamond's cut. The corners of the diamond are trimmed to increase the brilliance. This cut looks especially attractive when processing a large stone.

Thanks to its beveled corners, the lab grown radiant-cut gem is easy to fix and less prone to chipping.

Is There Any Difference Between Lab-Grown Radiant Diamond and Real Radiant Diamond?

Today, loose lab created diamond shapes are, at first glance, indistinguishable from natural stones. And for radiant diamonds, this rule works 100%. But there are a couple of differences, and they all play in favor of laboratory stones.

  • Such diamonds have a higher brilliance due to the fact that their refractive index is higher than that of natural stones.
  • They are of greater clarity, as artificial stones are less likely to have impurities.
  • The radiant cut allows the use of large, clear water diamonds. In nature, they are very rare, but in the laboratory, it is easy to grow such stones.
  • The price of lab-grown diamonds is much lower.

Pros and Cons of Lab-Grown Radiant Diamond

If we talk about the merits, then diamonds of this cut have a lot of them:

  • They are aesthetic and expressive at the same time.
  • They can be used as solitaire engagement rings, for example, in radiant diamond engagement rings.
  • Furthermore, they are suitable for daily wear.

As for the shortcomings, they are not too significant for such a cut. So, it can be called a disadvantage that there are not as many sparks and overflows of light compared to the lab grown princess cut or the lab grown round cut. Like any other stone, be it a natural diamond or a lab-grown diamond, a lab grown radiant-cut diamond must be certified. During certification, all basic indicators are taken into account, including the 4Cs, symmetry, refractive indices, the number of faces, and their location. When you buy lab created radiant-cut diamond rings, you have the right to request a certificate from the seller for each stone inserted into the ring.

What Difficulties Can You Face When Choosing a Radiant-Cut Diamond?

Each lab-grown diamond cut has its own characteristics. And they must be taken into account when choosing jewelry. When we talk about lab-grown gemstones with radiant cuts, it is important to pay attention to the 4Cs, which are the main characteristics of gemstones.

  • Carat number. The more carats, the more expressive this type of cut look.
  • Color. For such a cut, color gradation is very significant. Only diamonds in the color spectrum from D and above in lab-grown, radiant-cut lab diamond engagement rings will look beautiful.
  • Clarity. Due to the special position of the facets, clarity is very important for this cut.
  • And of course, the precision of the cut also plays a role. The stone must be symmetrical.

Why would radiant lab grown diamond be ideal for active lifestyle people?

Lab grown radiant cut lab diamonds have a flat plateau on the bottom, and their facets are placed at a lower angle. They are less prone to damage, and due to their flat shape, lab created radiant diamond engagement rings will not be able to accidentally scratch the skin, get tangled in the hair, or damage the surrounding objects. It's no surprise that they're recommended for people who lead an active lifestyle.

Why does a lab grown radiant cut lab diamond appear larger? A lab-radiant diamond is a unique cut. Due to the location of the edges, it visually looks larger than the same round lab diamond. The rectangular shape also visually increases the size.

There are two types of lab-grown radiant-cut diamonds: rectangular and squarish. Since the lab radiant diamond provides a fairly flexible format for cutting stones, today there are two subspecies of such diamonds. The differences lie in the aspect ratio of the stone:

  • The stone in the Rectangular subspecies is more elongated along the vertical axes, with side faces being longer than transverse ones.
  • In the Squarish subspecies, the stone has a more pronounced symmetry. It is closer to the lab princess diamond cut in its appearance.

Best Setting Designs For Lab Grown Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

A gem as eye-catching as the lab radiant-cut diamond is amazing in itself. And for it, the best design will be the one in which the central stone is present – that is, the lab created radiant-cut diamond itself. You can appreciate the beauty of this cut in the following ring designs:

  • Lab grown radiant-cut solitaire engagement rings. One large stone always looks aesthetically pleasing and stylish.
  • Want to add more shine? Opt for lab grown radiant-cut halo engagement rings. They will definitely have a maximum of overflows and sparks.
  • Lab created radiant diamonds with side stones in engagement rings are the golden mean. In addition, for such a ring, you can choose the most exclusive designs and embody the most daring ideas.

What size of diamonds will be great choices for lab grown radiant-cut diamonds? For lab radiant diamond shapes, the principle that the bigger, the better works. If you compare a one-carat lab grown radiant-cut diamond with a 2-carat lab radiant-cut diamond, you’ll absolutely see the difference. Even more, if you are looking for a solid and luxurious option, a 3-carat lab grown radiant-cut diamond ring is fabulous. Yet, you’ll be amazed by the look that a 4-carat lab radiant-cut diamond ring and bigger options have.

Where can I Buy Radiant Lab Grown Diamonds in Dallas, Texas?

Radiant lab grown diamonds are the most popularly sold jewelry in our store. This lab-grown diamond fits perfectly on most engagement rings and might be the perfect one for you to buy. It makes no sense to compare prices for radiant lab grown diamonds with ordinary diamonds, since the price will be an order of magnitude lower, and they will sparkle and shine on the engagement ring in the same way. Only an experienced jeweler will be able to tell the difference between radiant lab diamonds and natural radiant diamonds.

You can turn to our contacts if you only have an engagement ring and are looking to buy a radiant lab-created diamond to make a wonderful composition. Our jeweler will help you make the perfect arrangement of a lab-grown radiant diamond with a ring. Having bought a radiant lab-grown diamond in our store, you will remain one of our happy customers and will be able to bring your idea to life.

Our jewelry store specializes in the sale of radiant lab-grown diamonds in Dallas, Texas. Our prices for these lab diamonds are flexible, and we can always help you find a radiant lab-grown diamond that fits your budget. So, you can shop for radiant diamonds in our store!

To schedule an appointment to see the showroom, our jewelry shop in Dallas, Texas, please go to our contact page or give us a call. Also, if you are unsure about the cut of a lab-grown diamond or which lab-grown diamond to select for your ring, you may visit our shop to receive detailed information on rings and diamonds before making a purchase decision.

FAQs Radiant Cut Lab Grown Diamonds

1 carat radiant diamond prices range from $2,200 to $7,000 but have an average price of $3,500. The price for 1 carat radiant cut lab grown diamonds range from $1,000 to $3,700.
2 carat radiant diamond prices range from $9,000 to $23,500 but have an average price of $13,500. The price for 2 carat radiant cut lab grown diamonds range from $2,300 to $6,900.
Those are diamonds as they are without any setting or jewelry
As usual, gold is the perfect match for diamonds. Take a look at the yellow gold lab grown radiant-cut engagement ring or at the white gold lab grown radiant-cut engagement ring to evaluate that metal.
Despite quite a similar shape, lab grown radiant provides a gem with more sparkles than lab emerald cut. In the piece of jewelry, a lab radiant-cut diamond will look more vivid and shiny.
That type of design is featured with an elongaten gem setting due to which the ring looks stylish and covers the phalange almost fully.

Choose your own radiant lab grown diamond in our store!

In our jewelry store, you can buy a radiant lab grown diamond that may suit you or your significant other!

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