Lab Grown Asscher Diamonds
Lab Grown Asscher Diamonds

What is an asscher-cut diamond? Joseph Asscher and Edward Asscher made a significant contribution to diamond trends and industry. Edward Asscher is the legendary Joseph Asscher's great-grandson. His innovative research and development modified the shape to dramatically augment its brilliance. To this day, the lab grown asscher-cut diamond maintains its iconic popularity in both stunning new jewelry and envious antique pieces.

Lab-Grown Asscher Cut Diamonds Guide: Classifications and Types

A lab grown asscher cut diamond is an octagonal diamond with a square shape and layered facets. This lab diamond cut is the first ever patented signature cut for stones. The lab grown asscher cut is a type of lab grown emerald cut that has the shape of a square and more tiers. The lab created asscher cut diamond features a deep pavilion and high crown, offering brilliance and its signature appeal. There are two types of lab grown asscher cuts. There’s the standard lab asscher cut, and there’s the royal lab grown asscher cut. Both were created by the Royal Asscher Company.

The royal lab grown asscher cut has a high crown and 74 facets, whereas both the modern square-emerald cut and the original asscher have 58.

Lab grown asscher-cut diamonds are classified into three types:

  1. Royal lab grown asscher-cut: features 74 facets and wide corners and is classified as octagonal.
  2. Classic lab grown asscher-cut: features 58 facets and an exact 1.00 length-to-width ratio, and is classified as square in diamond shape.
  3. Modern lab grown asscher-cut: is most similar to a square emerald-cut, features 58 facets, and has a more square diamond shape. The shape is uniquely versatile, with a stunning flair that suits both modern and vintage styles. Antique jewelry collectors and wearers alike love this shape for its Art Deco history and “Roaring Twenties” appeal.

Lab grown Asscher Diamonds 4Cs

A diamond’s 4 C’s show the 4 main components of its beauty and structure: color, cut, clarity, and carat. Is the color of lab diamonds important? Lab emerald cuts do not have traditional brilliance. They are cut for their clarity and luster, so nothing is hidden. Sofia Lior jewelry experts recommend that when buying a lab-grown emerald cut or a lab grown asscher cut, you buy a minimum of an H color.

What is the clarity of a lab-grown asscher-cut diamond? A lab-grown asscher diamond’s beauty is to show the simple beauty of a pure and sharp stone. When you try to choose lab asscher cut, always pay attention to VS2 purity inclusions floating in the lab emerald or lab created asscher cut diamond. Asscher’s emerald-cut stone has a similar large, transparent, unobstructed window in the center of the stone. Any inclusion there will be clearly visible. If you try to find SI1 or SI2 lab grown asscher or lab emerald cut, then you must make sure that the inclusion is not in the center of the stone. Sofia Lior experts recommend buying VS2 clarity or better. Keep clarity at VS2 for the best value.

Lab Diamonds Degrees of purity SI2 and SI1 are generally not recommended by Dallas jewelers for stepped notches such as asscher cut lab diamond notches and lab emerald notches. Step cuts are not cut for their shine, so there is no decay of light to hide inclusions.


  • Chris Martin has a ring with an asscher-cut diamond on a double-pave band. This asscher-cut diamond was bought for $90,000 in July 2016.
  • James Matthews is a former British professional racing driver. He got a large, perfect Asscher-cut diamond surrounded by a cluster of smaller diamonds in July 2016 (cost: £200,000).
  • Jessica Alba has a five-carat Asscher diamond engagement ring.
  • Zooey Deschanel is an American actress, model, and singer-songwriter. She has the engagement ring from Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard, a three-carat asscher cut diamond set in platinum.

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Loose lab created diamonds shape are man-made diamonds that mirror the qualities and appearance of natural diamonds. Lab diamonds are sent to a gem lab that specializes in grading diamonds. The majority of these labs grade using the 4Cs (cut, clarity, color, and carat). However, a select few use their own criteria. Accordingly, these lab-grown asscher diamonds have a lower price in relation to natural diamonds, but at the same time they are ecologically created, and the history of their creation has its own certificate.

Where can I Buy Asscher Lab Grown Diamonds in Dallas, Texas?

Asscher lab grown diamonds are the most popularly sold jewelry in our store. This lab-grown diamond fits perfectly on most engagement rings and might be the perfect one for you to buy. It makes no sense to compare prices for asscher lab grown diamonds with ordinary diamonds, since the price will be an order of magnitude lower, and they will sparkle and shine on the engagement ring in the same way. Only an experienced jeweler will be able to tell the difference between asscher lab diamonds and natural asscher diamonds.

You can turn to our contacts if you only have an engagement ring and are looking to buy an asscher lab-created diamond to make a wonderful composition. Our jeweler will help you make the perfect arrangement of a lab-grown asscher diamond with a ring. Having bought an asscher lab-grown diamond in our store, you will remain one of our happy customers and will be able to bring your idea to life.

Our jewelry store specializes in the sale of asscher lab-grown diamonds in Dallas, Texas. Our prices for these lab diamonds are flexible, and we can always help you find an asscher lab-grown diamond that fits your budget. So, you can shop for asscher diamonds in our store!

To schedule an appointment to see the showroom, our jewelry store in Dallas, Texas, please go to our contact page or give us a call. Also, if you are unsure about the cut of a lab-grown diamond or which lab-grown diamond to select for your ring, you may visit our shop to receive detailed information on rings and diamonds before making a purchase decision.

FAQs Asscher Cut Lab Grown Diamonds

The Asscher cut was invented by legendary diamond cutter Joseph Asscher, founder of the I J Asscher Diamond Company. At the time of its invention, Joseph Asher patented his unique diamond cut design. Known as the square emerald cut, Asscher cut diamonds are roughly square when viewed from above, but have cut corners to allow more light to enter the diamond. Asscher cut diamonds usually have 50 or 58 facets.
2 carat asscher diamond prices range from $5,000 to $35,000 but have an average price of $17,000. The price for 2 carat asscher cut lab grown diamonds range from $2,700 to $7,000.

Choose your own asscher lab grown diamond in our store!

In our jewelry store, you can buy an asscher lab grown diamond that may suit you or your significant other!

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