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Lab Diamond Pave Engagement Ring in Dallas TX

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Pave engagement rings

Pave engagement rings

What is a pave diamond ring?

Pave is a frame that consists of many small gemstones arranged in such a way that the piece of jewelry appears to be paved with them that’s why it is called so. The stones in this pave engagement rings frame are held in place by small prongs that look more like tiny beads of metal.

This method of setting gems, beloved by many, involves an almost invisible setting. Imagine how myriads of snow-white diamonds are combined in a single composition, which sparkles with millions of highlights, like snowflakes. They create a breathtaking effect, so don’t be surprised that pave diamond engagement rings create the most sparkling jewelry! Jewelers, who are fluent in the art of inlay work, work with minerals of any shape. Despite the fact that the most commonly used round stones, a jeweler can create a precious surface from stones of almost any cut. One of the most popular shape at now is the oval pave engagement rings.

What is pave engagement rings? Choosing an lab created engagement rings is always a bit hustle but very joyful process. And today there is no need to choose only from standard classical designs because there are lots of unique and good-looking rings that are looking unusual but pretty. If you need to compare pave engagement rings with something it looks like a sparkling wreath of ice drops – such an effect is made by precise jewelery masters, inlaid gold or platinum with dozens or even hundreds of diamonds using the pave technique.

Pave technique is a complex method that needs jewler’s talent and skills. Gems need to be fixed on one level and for the round cut diamond shape of a ring, it’s not a piece of cake to reach such perfection. That is why pave diamond engagement ring are always highly evaluated by experts.


The stones commonly used for pave diamond engagement rings are diamonds. But jewelers don’t stop only with natural gemstones. Today, it is increasingly common to see luxury jewelry made from lab grown diamonds. Why are these gemstones so successful?

    • In laboratory conditions, it is much easier to grow a diamond of exactly the shape and clarity that a jeweler needs.
    • Accordingly, the cost of such diamonds is much more loyal, which means that the total cost of the ring will be quite affordable, even if dozens or even hundreds of stones are used for it. Compare with the price of a similar ring made from natural diamonds and you will see a significant difference.
    • At the same time, even an expert will not be able to determine visually which diamonds are used in your ring.
    • And also cultured diamonds have a more pronounced brilliance than natural ones.


There are several ways to set stones using the pave technique.

  • Micro pave engagement rings is a technique in which stones are arranged in close rows so as to completely cover the surface of the ring. It feels like there is no metal in the ring at all, but it is created from only miniature diamonds, which are held together by magic, not otherwise.
  • French cut engagement ring pave is also using rows of gemstones but they are set in such a way to reflect the maximum of light. For this, each set is made in V-shape.
  • Petite pave engagement rings are made of one row of diamonds being maximum 1.5-2.0 mm wide. It looks gorgeous and airy.


Let’s underline the main pros and cons of Pave setting!

Pros of pave engagement rings:

  • Such ring reflects light amazingly and it looks luxurious.
  • Variety of technique manners allows to choose a ring of any width and with any number of gems on it.
  • Pave setting is trendy and it looks up-to-time.

Cons of pave engagement rings.

There are no much of them, actually. The main one is that you cannot enlarge the ring’s size due to a large amount of gems. Pave engagement rings rings with lab diamond are a good choice for engagement. Every bride will look extremely gorgeous wearing it.

For a wedding proposal that will truly make her jaw drop, choose from one of Sofia Lior’s many stunning lab diamond pave engagement ring. A definite tribute to the exquisite beauty of diamonds, our pave engagement ring settings surround your perfect center stone with a breathtaking band of diamonds that glitter and shine all the way around your bride-to-be’s finger. Sofia Lior’s pave diamond engagement rings give the illusion of a solid diamond surface (rather than just the gold or platinum band). Each diamond is intricately set using tiny beads or prongs so that very little of the metal band shows, and the glorious diamonds appear to be free-standing. Our lab diamond pave engagement ring settings generally look best with our princess cut or cushion cut engagement rings.


Our pave engagement rings Dallas with man made diamonds have their own sparkle and charm. Lab created diamond pave engagement rings are only gaining momentum in buying from new customers or those who own laboratory diamonds. In Dallas, Texas, you can come to our showroom and make sure you can find an pave engagement rings on hand for your type of lab diamond. Our Dallas jewelry store is focused on selling engagement rings to fit any form of lab-made diamond, and you can be delighted with our selection and collection of engagement rings.

If you have not bought a lab diamond yet, then you can buy it from us and at the same time choose an engagement ring pave by its type, so that the laboratory diamond stands out against the background of a beautiful engagement ring! Also, you can order a custom engagement ring or pave engagement ring from us, if you have not chosen a diamond for the shape of the ring or you already have a diamond, but you want a unique engagement ring!

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