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Finding the right loose lab grown diamond can take a very long time. It is worth finding the right engagement ring and choosing the right loose lab created diamond. Our jewelry store has a large selection of lab created loose diamonds in Dallas, Texas, giving you the freedom to select the right diamond for your ring!

How to Buy the Best Loose Lab Grown Diamond Shape in Dallas, TX

If you have never bought loose lab grown diamonds, then we will provide you with a short guide to buying loose lab grown diamonds from our jewelry store.

  1. Know the difference between cut and shape: not only do loose lab-grown diamonds come in different shapes, they also come in different cuts. It is important to understand this difference, as it will directly depend on the engagement ring and the final composition, which is what you want to see.
  2. When selecting a lab-grown diamond, it is worth knowing about the 4Cs. This abbreviation, 4C, stands for color, clarity, carat, and cut. Understanding these properties will give you direction on what type of loose lab-grown diamond shape you want to choose.
  3. Before buying a loose lab-created diamond, don’t forget to say what kind or style of diamond you want to see in the end. The personal style of both the shape of the laboratory diamond and the engagement ring will give you exactly the composition that you want to see on the hand of a loved one or on your finger.
  4. All loose lab grown diamonds must hold a certain certification and have a certain certificate. Before buying a loose lab-created diamond, always ask this question and ask for certification documents that will allow you to buy a natural loose lab-created diamond.

If you want to entrust the choice of shape and type of lab-created loose diamonds to experienced jewelry dealers selling lab-created loose diamonds, then you can contact our Sofia Lior Diamonds jewelry store.

The Most Popular Shapes of Loose Lab Grown Diamond in Dallas

The most popular question we get from our clients when they call us or come to the jewelry store is, β€œWhat loose lab-grown diamond shapes do you sell?” In our jewelry store, you can find not only lab-created diamonds of different shapes but also different loose lab-created diamonds by carat, color, and price.

You can buy such loose lab-created and lab-grown diamonds in our jewelry store:

How much do loose lab-grown diamonds cost?

Price means a lot. That is why the creators of lab created loose diamonds strive to distribute them as widely as possible. Because the cost of even a large stone of several carats will be lower than the price of the same diamond mined in a mine, for moissanites, the price will be many times, or even tens of times, lower. The price of a loose lab grown diamond can vary depending on the carat, shape, and characteristics of the diamond itself. In any other case, you can contact us, and we will offer you the best options for the price of buying a loose lab created diamond shape.

How are lab grown diamonds certified? Every diamond, whether natural or loose lab grown, is certified by leading diamond grading laboratories such as IGI, GIA, AGS, and EGL.

How are lab grown diamonds made? Loose lab grown diamonds are created using extreme pressure and heat inside a machine. After the diamond has cooled, it can be cut and polished. The loose lab diamond can then be graded for cut, color, carat, and clarity.

Should I buy loose lab grown diamonds, and why? Of course, it is a great way to get sophisticated jewelry for an affordable price. Even experts can hardly define which of the stones in a lab created loose diamond is which, and their diversity of colors and cuts allows you to get an exclusive piece of jewelry.

How do I order lab-created loose diamonds online? If you're in Dallas, TX, or another city, you can just order them online directly from our site, Sofia Lior Diamonds Jewelry Store. If you appreciate high quality and impeccable service, the best choice is the Sofia Lior online store. Here, you can choose from a variety of gems and pieces of jewelry or have exceptional jewelry made on demand. Also, you can visit our store while in another city or location by making an application for the purchase of a loose lab grown diamond shape, an engagement ring, or a moissanite.

Where can I buy loose lab grown diamonds in Dallas?

Summing up, according to our positions on prices for various forms of loose lab diamonds and the carat weights, you can conclude that our store is one of the best stores for the sale of loose lab-grown diamonds in Dallas. We are number one as a team of diamond dealers in the sale of lab-grown loose diamonds of various shapes, both in terms of price and shape of such diamonds.

Contact us today, and tomorrow you will be the owner of a unique and beautifully sparkling loose lab grown diamond shape with an engagement ring that can make your wishes come true.

FAQs Loose Lab Grown Diamonds

Loose diamonds are diamonds that have been polished and cut, but they have not been placed in a setting. As a rule, they are added to engagement rings as a central stone.
You can buy loose diamonds from specialized jewelry stores that specialize in diamonds and jewelry. In our jewelry store Sofia Lior Diamonds you can buy loose diamonds by visiting or calling to us.
The price for 1 carat loose lab grown diamonds range from $800 to $1,000.
2 carats loose lab grown diamonds prices range from $2,000 to $20,000 but have an average price of $3,000.

Choose your own lab grown diamond in our store!

In our jewelry store, you can buy a lab grown diamond that may suit you or your significant other!

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