10 Facts About Lab Created Diamonds

Lab created diamonds, also known as synthetic diamonds, aren’t synthetic at all! They are as real as the naturally mined diamonds that have been growing under immense pressure for over billion of years. Their ethical origin sets them apart; otherwise, they’re competitive with natural diamonds in every way and, in some ways, have the edge over them.

What to Know About Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds, as the name suggests, are born in a lab under a controlled environment. Two methods are used for producing lab-created diamonds, namely CVD and HPTP. Both require expensive equipment and a strictly controlled environment for the diamonds to grow. The production takes around a month for 1 carat of the gemstone in the case of the CVD diamond method and a fortnight with the HPTP method. The resulting product is a high-end luscious diamond similar to a natural diamond. There is subsequent education about lab-grown diamonds. It is great to have lab grown diamonds information before buying an engagement ring or any diamond jewelry to make an educated choice.

Facts About Lab Grown Diamonds

Is it time to flaunt that engagement ring and receive some awes? Are you contemplating the kind of diamond your ring should have? Knowing all the facts about lab-created diamonds is highly advised before you make that auspicious buy.

10 Interesting Facts about Lab Created Diamonds:

  1. Lab-grown diamonds are not fake. They are grown inside a lab, and the process begins with a diamond seed.
  2. Lab-created diamonds have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as naturally mined ones.
  3. Lab diamonds contribute to the betterment of the environment due to their lab origin. 
  4. Lab diamonds do not harm native communities, making them 100% conflict-free diamonds. 
  5. Lab-created diamonds aren’t only found in the signature color. Still, due to the nature of their manufacture, it is very much possible to find a variety of colors with these synthetic gemstones.
  6. Lab-created diamonds are highly affordable! A general understanding is that lab-grown diamonds are around 30-40% cheaper than their naturally mined counterpart. The reason for this price is only the production since it takes a lot of exorbitant machinery, human, and other resources to extract diamonds deep inside the earth. Hence it would be utterly foolish to think that synthetic diamonds are found cheaper due to a drop in quality.
  7. The supply is unlimited! The production of diamonds depends directly on demand, and there is no factor f scarcity because they are grown in a lab.
  8. Jewelers cannot tell apart a lab-grown diamond from a naturally occurring one. Only gemologists with extremely precise, high-end, expensive equipment can determine the difference. 
  9. Lab-grown diamonds are getting popular by leaps and bounds. They are surprisingly more popular than natural diamonds in countries like the U.S, the U.K, and India.
  10. Lab-created diamonds have significant benefits over natural ones; both are graded under the same parameters.