Best Places to Buy Lab Diamonds in Dallas

Dallas is the center of Western American life. This metropolis, with more than 1,300,000 inhabitants, has become the mainstay of business life in the region since its inception. Add to this the huge number of American and international corporations that have chosen Dallas as the location of their headquarters. And it becomes not at all surprising that the capital of Texas today is one of the ten largest and most influential cities in America.

Moreover, it is also a city of victorious emancipation: in Dallas, more than 80,000 companies have women among their CEOs. Let’s add to the cart a higher average income per housing unit in Dallas, and we have a full image of a prosperous city with great demand for valuable things and jewelry. That is why a Dallas jewelry store is always a good option.

Where Are the Best Places to Buy Lab-Created Diamond Engagement Rings in Dallas, Texas?

Of course, the market for naturally mined diamonds is quite limited, as not many exceptional gems are found each year. But there is a new trend in jewelry: the trend for lab-grown diamonds in Dallas. Due to their clarity, size, and color, they look fully natural, and to find them, you do not need to visit secret auctions or catch a chance if a new arrival is in the store nearby.

Let's consider where to buy lab-grown diamonds shapes in Dallas. Firstly, do not seek them out in casual malls. There is a big chance you’ll get low-quality zirconium despite buying a lab-created diamond in Dallas. Small local stores are also useless in this case. There, you can rarely find something worthy. The best choice is to go to Dallas Downtown, the business core of the city. There are lots of jewelry stores in business centers and big malls that specialize in different types of jewelry, from mass-market pieces to luxurious rings.

The largest shopping center in Dallas is Galleria Dallas. This is where locals and tourists go in search of new fashionable clothes, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. Then, you can also find some pieces of jewelry with lab-grown diamonds in Dallas, TX, at the Neiman Marcus mall. But real places where to buy lab-created diamonds are the following.

The biggest centers, malls, and markets where you can buy diamonds and jewelry

Here is our top list of the best places where you can buy lab-grown diamonds in a variety of settings.

  • Dallas Market Center (2100 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas) is located in the prestigious part of Dallas and consists of three buildings, including the high-rise World Trade Center, where many jewelry boutiques are located on the 7th floor. Among them stands out Sofia Lior Diamonds, a jewelry store where you can buy excellent quality lab-grown diamonds and moissanites. Among other stores, this one has big merit. Its staff consists of qualified jewelry experts who can help you choose the best diamonds, both natural and lab-grown.
  • Prestonwood Tower, which is located at 5151 Belt Line Rd, Dallas, TX 75254, United States, is surrounded by the biggest corporation offices. That is why the most expensive and luxurious jewelry stores are located here. If you go here for shopping, you won’t definitely pass by Marilofdiamonds.
  • North Park Center which is on 5151 Belt Line Rd #100s is also a good choice for diamond shopping in Dallas. Here, among Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Macy’s giant malls, lots of exclusive jewelry boutiques are opening their doors. Among them are James Avery, Artisan Jewelry, and Zales.

Buy Engagement Rings with Lab-Grown Diamonds Online

Given the global lockdown, it is not safe to visit major shopping malls in Dallas right now. But there is a way out! If you want to pamper yourself with a new piece of jewelry with a luxurious diamond or if you plan to surprise your loved one with a luxurious gift, you can always order it online. Of course, not all jewelry stores in Dallas that sell lab-grown diamonds with engagement ring enhancers offer this opportunity. But at Sofia Lior, you will definitely find suitable rings with large, medium, or small diamonds and can order them online in the size you need.

Tips and Advice for Buying a Diamond Ring with Lab-Grown diamonds

Here are some tips you should know about buying lab-created diamonds.

  • You can find the clearest and colorless diamonds for an affordable price among lab-grown gems. Natural ones of similar size and clarity will cost up to 10 times more.
  • Even an expert can easily say, what kind of stone is in your jewelry. Whether it is natural or grown in a lab, it is not easy to define.
  • Due to the high clarity and variety of sizes of lab-created gems, you can afford a real luxury among diamond rings: a solitaire diamond ring with the type of cut you prefer. In Sofia Lior, you’ll find the most extravagant examples of rings at loyal pricing.

In Dallas, jewelry is always highly required. There are lots of stores here offering different kinds of jewelry. Among them, you can easily find the most balanced option: rings with lab-grown diamonds that have no differences from naturally mined gems.