Ring Enhancers

In my article about HPHT and CVD, we uncovered the issue of creating lab diamonds, and in this article, we will consider the question of ring enhancers for a few simple, elegant solitaire style ring designs. These are great for engagement or dress rings alike, but there is a simple way to enhance the appearance of any solitaire or plain band ring, which is to use a ring enhancer. Ring enhancers come in two flavors: inserts or wraps. Both of these are effectively rings on their own, but designed in such a way that they fit around an existing ring, and are worn together with that ring, enhancing the appearance by adding extra stones or decorative features.

What Is a Ring Enhancer?

Wrap-style enhancer rings are single bands that are worn next to the existing ring. They will need to be curved or indented so that they fit around the existing stone and setting. Insert ring enhancers feature a double band that fits on either side of the existing ring, and can often have extra gemstones set in the band or other detailed decoration. This type of enhancer is usually held together by a small bar across the underside of the ring so that it stays snugly matched up with your existing ring. However, if the set will be worn together all the time, you can have a jeweler solder together the enhancer and the ring, so they are effectively one piece. This is reversible, of course, but you would only take this approach if you planned to wear the ring set together all the time.

I bought this estate ring as an engagement ring. This will need a custom ring enhancer made to suit the unusual curve of the filigree shank.

Finding the right enhancer for your wedding band

Solitaire ring enhancers are typically used as a wedding band to complement a unique engagement ring. This would most often be the case where the engagement ring was a family heirloom or an estate piece that couldn’t easily be matched to an off-the-shelf wedding ring. In these cases, the enhancer might need to be custom designed, but this will result in a lovely piece that carries over some features of the engagement ring.

Ring enhancers are primarily designed to add to the appearance of a simpler ring, but they have another useful function that is particularly useful if you have a ring featuring certain types of created gemstones, such as cubic zirconia. This type of stone can be less durable than diamond or moissanite jewelry, so a wrap-style ring enhancer can be very useful for protecting the stone from accidental damage.

Whether you have a custom enhancer made by a jeweler or simply buy one off the shelf to fit your existing ring design, there is a lot of scope for your design choice to add to your existing ring. You can use a range of metal types and additional stones that complement the existing ring. Overall, this is a good way to add something to a favorite dress ring and a great way to add a wedding band to an engagement ring that is a family heirloom.