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Lab Created Emerald Rings

Lab Created Emerald Engagement Ring

Of all man made gems, lab created Emeralds benefit the most from being produced artificially. Emeralds that have been sourced naturally are known for their high level of inclusions, which is the technical term for imperfections in the stone. Most natural Emeralds must have these cracks filled in using silicon or other industrial sealants. Not so with created Emeralds, which can be made without these defects and still sold at a much lower price than a natural stone.

This means that lab created Emerald jewelry offers stunningly clear, large stones that work well with or without other synthetic stones like lab created diamonds. This is a collection of the some of the most beautiful and modern designs in lab created emerald rings, all made by the created jewelry experts at Fine Jewelers.

First, this stunning 14k Gold Lab Created Heart Shape Emerald and Diamond Ring. This ring features a total of 4 carats of created Emeralds, with the two main stones very tastefully set in a ring that comes in either white or yellow gold. 2 small natural diamonds are included. Jewelry aficionados will realize that this ring is a steal given the size of the Emerald – a mined stone could cost as much as 5 or 10 times more yet have more inclusions than a created Emerald.

Emerald Cut Lab Created Diamond Engagement Rings

If you like the heart motif but want something even more simple and elegant, this lab created emerald heart shape solitaire engagement ring comes in 10K or 14K white or yellow gold and features a single 2 carat created emerald. This single large stone has a classic refined look due to the simple claw setting and could easily be worn as a dress ring or engagement ring with lab diamonds size. You can see the beautiful clarity in this stone that is characteristic of a created emerald.

Finally, this ultra stylish created Emerald ring features a 1.5 carat oval stone, claw set in 14K yellow or white gold (your choice). Again this is advertised as an engagement ring and could certainly be worn as such, but to me it is better suited for wear as a dress ring, and would make an excellent present.

Of course, you can view this ring and many other styles before making a decision. If you head on over to Fine Jewelers on Amazon, there is a great range of created emerald jewelry as well as other pieces using created gemstones. I do recommend Fine Jewelers in particular as they offer a lifetime warranty against defects, and all items come with an attractive card, box and gift packaging which are nice bonuses.

More about created Emeralds

Emeralds are in the group of gems known as Beryl. Structurally the same apart from a small number of particles which are responsible for the differing colors, this family also includes the rare Red Beryl or Red Emerald, Heliodor and Goshenite.

Created emeralds can be produced in the lab by several different methods. The best quality lab created emeralds are made using the hydrothermal method. This method produces single, high quality crystals and works by introducing dissolved minerals to an aqueous environment under pressure and at high temperature. The temperature in the chamber is controlled so that minerals come out of solution and grow crystals over a period of days. Many different created gemstones can be produced using this method.