The 9 Best Engagement and Wedding Rings Designer Brands

If you want a unique engagement ring, it is better to order it from a well-known world-class designer. However, modern designer brands are so various nowadays, that it is easy to get lost while making a choice. You will get a stunning ring for your best enjoyment and it will be a timeless investment into your happiness.

We have compiled a list of the best engagement rings brands you can opt for to get exactly what you want. In the previous post of our blog, we talked about lab-grown diamonds prices value, in this article we will consider the issue of our top 9 engagement and wedding rings designer brands.

Best Diamond Ring Designers

Let us describe the most popular and high-quality bridal jewelry designers. You will see what sets them apart from others. Most of these brands are available from trusted jewelry retailers, such as James Allen, or Blue Nile. You can also make a great deal while buying from the brand directly. Be aware of the reputation of the store you order your ring from or you can end up with a cheap knock-off. 

1. Danhov

This reputable company started in 1984. It was founded by Jack Hovsepian and since then, it has become famous for the innovative spiral design of its wedding rings. For example, the rings from the Abbraccio collection feature the 0.35 ct diamonds sparkling all-round. Or you may opt for a fascinating swirl setting which cannot be found at any other designer.

2. Zac Posen

The famous fashion designer Zac Posen features a stunning combination of contemporary flair and vintage look. Zac Posen is famous for wedding dresses. Though, the brand has started developing its unique engagement rings which look fresh and elegant. For example, a semi-bezel pave ring includes a ⅓ ct total of diamonds located along the band. This solution is quite original and you will not find anything alike anywhere else.

3. Forevermark

This famous designer is well-known among the most expensive engagement rings brands. The premium price tag accounts for the best quality and uniqueness ever. You can opt for De Beers, one of the most appreciated names in the world of diamond distribution and marketing. These diamonds are widely used in Forevermark’s collections. They are truly top-quality so you can completely rely on their conflict-free and original nature.

The engagement rings from this brand are both elegant and extravagant. A five-band pave solitaire engagement ring is a good example of uniqueness and originality.

4. Tacori

Here, you can obtain the best handcrafted designs of engagement and wedding rings from Californian artisans. The trademark of the brand is crescent design elements which combine vintage and modern features in the most perfect way. Such a combination provides an all-round shine to the diamond and adds more high-end flair to each ring. The items are timeless and they can become a great heritage for next family generations.

5. Verragio

To be something ‘unlike any other ring’ is a motto of Barry Verragio and his well-appreciated company. The jeweler has been making his unique items since the age of 14 so his mastery has reached true perfection. The style of all wedding rings is perfectly elegant and stunningly European. All the types of design feature a signature Lumino setting to place the focus on the central diamond. You can get a real feeling that the diamond is flying in the air because the amount of light which reaches the facets is immense.

All these characteristics make each ring unique with their elaborate accent diamonds  embraced in rose and white gold halo or white gold halo. Both variants look fantastic.

6. Jeff Cooper

This company has been working in the market for over 40 years and is famous as one of the best engagement ring designers all over the world. They have achieved breathtaking elegance and a truly understated look. The philosophy of the  brand is ‘less is more’ which means the classic combination of minimalism and luxury. The diamonds from this brand are true masterpieces, for example its Greta engagement ring with the featured central stone supported elegantly by a simple pave lattice.

7. Martin Flyer

The company is a family business which started in 1945. It is famous for the highest quality of materials used in all the items. It stands out among the engagement ring brands for its classic designs and simple beauty the company can be truly proud of. For example, its three-stone engagement ring with pear-shaped side stones can be looked for as the best heirloom option for the future generations. Or you can opt for a white gold pave infinity ring with 60 round diamonds that shine like stars to impress everyone with their beauty.

8. Tiffany & Co

This is one more high-end company rated high among the best wedding ring brands. Though many other stunning designer brands are available nowadays, the products of this company have never lost their beauty. They are the most high-quality rings you can ever meet in the market.

Since Tiffany has been in business since 1886, the experience adds a lot to the great quality of every tiniest detail. They create diamond engagement and wedding rings bands with a ‘wow’ factor and classy elegance which are characteristic features of all products. There is nothing more iconic than an original ‘Tiffany’ setting which is always admired by the most demanding customers.

9. Sholdt

The list of the best engagement rings brands would be incomplete without the Sholdt Jewelry Design Company. It was founded in Seattle in 1935. The experience of 4 generations of jewelers has found its implementation in the elegant design you can enjoy today. encounter nowadays.

Modern experimental trends are perfectly combined here with the vintage classic look. For example, the ‘Aubrey’ ring represents a half-bezel frame featuring tapered diamonds in an original set.

Why Are Brand Engagement Rings the Best Option for Buying?

Making such an expensive and responsible purchase always sets a lot of pressure and stress. If you do not exactly know what to opt for, the stress is still heavier. Is it really what you are looking for? Trust your choice to professionals who know a lot about  the best wedding ring brands, the most stunning designs, and the most attractive prices. The love of your life will be happy with the magnificent diamond ring which has a chance to bу a true symbol of your perfect relations forever.

The top-notch brands you can choose will guarantee you the following:

  • the highest possible quality of all the components;
  • top level of mastery;
  • individual feel and originality;
  • trademarked details which will go through your family with many generations;
  • a variety of offline and online ordering and purchasing options.

If all these factors do not convince you, what can those other ones be to persuade you that purchasing your ring from the best engagement rings brands is your indisputably wise investment in your future well-being and happiness?

How to Purchase an Engagement Ring in Sofia Lior Store?

The option is to acquire your ring from the prominent engagement ring brands represented here. You can do it either online or offline. Such reputable online vendors as James Allen or Blue Nile can help you a lot.

However, you have one more great option - purchase the ring from the Sofia Lior Store. Sofia Lior Diamonds has been developing, designing, and selling custom jewelry for almost 5 years. Business owners, though, can boast of more than 30 years of expertise in the field. They also feature lab-created diamonds for the best choice. 

To buy a wedding or engagement ring from the company, you can come to their showroom in Dallas, Texas. The rings you can see there will fit any form of a lab-made diamond and you will be pleasantly impressed by a variety of rings, forms, types, and shapes.


If you want to show your love and affection to your dearest one, purchasing a designer engagement ring from a famous brand is a great way to do it.

You need to be sure that you receive the highest quality and a masterfully crafted piece which will stand the years and generations.

Look for a ring crafted by one of the best engagement ring designers represented in this article. You can also opt for buying an item from a physical retailer, for example, Sofia Lior Jewelry Store. It’s a great chance to have a thorough look at different options and to choose the best one. 

Since the process of acquiring engagement rings may be a bit confusing, you are likely to need help from the shop assistant or jewelry professional representing the company. You can always rely on the advice given by the representatives of Sofia Lior or other reputable online or offline jewelry companies. The team of experts will always be on your side and the personalised recommendations can advise you on getting the ring your future spouse will truly admire.

7 Best Engagement Ring Designs and Styles

Choosing an engagement ring is always a bit of a challenge. No one wants to buy them blindly and for many, it is necessary to find out what is trendy in jewelry fashion this year. So we decided to show you our top engagement rings styles to help you with the choice.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire and custom engagement rings are always in style. And this year is no exception for this. They are tremendously refined and the shine of a single gem (diamonds are the best choice for solitaire) attracts attention even higher than plenty of diamonds disposed on one piece of jewelry. In this year, the trend will not be neat rings with a large stone (these are more suitable for engagement), but models in which the diamond is “sunk” in gold.

Side Stone Engagement Ring

Diamonds are peaceful neighbors, they do not interfere with each other and look great in large numbers. Designers propose this feature to the newlyweds and pay attention to side stone engagement rings, in which stones can be located on the certain part of a rim.

Pave Engagement Ring

And if you want even more diamonds on your engagement ring, take a look at pave diamond engagement ring. Their rim is fully covered with small diamonds in a row or even in some concentric circles if the rim is considerably wide. More about rings enhancers. And yes, it is trendy to buy a ring with pave or micro-pave.

Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Three-Stone Engagement Ring is a good compromise between solitaire and pave ring. 3 stone lab created diamond ring looks refine but luxury at once and it allows to make an amazing combo of diamonds or different gems in it. Especially if they are decorated with pearls, sapphires or a brilliant taupe.

Halo Engagement Ring

One of the most interesting among engagement ring trends is a trend for halo engagement rings. Delicate sparkling of gems surrounding the central diamond makes the halo effect and the ring looks amazing.

Vintage Engagement Ring

Do not put your attention only to the new style engagement rings! Lab created vintage engagement rings is always looking good, especially in jewelry. Vintage-styled or really antique pieces of jewelry will be a good idea for engagement.

Unique Engagement Ring

Every bride wants her engagement ring to be unique and different from the others. Many famous engagement ring designers create unique masterpieces to order - for example, for celebrities. But small jewelry studios or craftsmen can come up with a unique design for you and turn it into reality. Therefore, if you don’t like the standard ring options, you can always give free rein to your imagination and come up with your design because uniqueness is in trend!
It is impossible to answer unequivocally what is the most popular engagement rings style. It is important for the ring to please its owner for many years. So take that fact as a matter when buying a ring for engagement.