1 Carat Diamond Ring: The Expert Buying Guide

A diamond is a diamond that has been given the appropriate shape by cutting. Chemically, this stone is carbon with a small number of impurities, the presence of which depends on the origin of the stone. In the previous post of our blog, we talked about best rings designer brands, in this article we will consider the issue of caring for an engagement ring.

1-Carat diamond ring price

It is difficult to argue with the fact that diamond rings are among the most beautiful and attractive jewelry. For several centuries, they amaze with sophistication and beauty. Modern jewelry manufacturers do not want to give in to their advanced ones – products are produced in a wide range. Excellent quality, original design, high purity of the diamond in the products - the main jewelry.

Attractive, sparkling, magnificent diamonds are the pinnacle of trendy jewelry art and the standard of people's passion. A ring, complemented by such a stone, manifests itself as a gift.

Depending on the features of the customer, the gravel can be inserted into a gold product, resulting in the following:

  • white;
  • lemon;
  • red gold.

It is noteworthy that no matter what metal a 1-carat diamond ring is made of, its price remains unchanged. A wedding ring with a precious diamond will certainly be enjoyed by every connoisseur of magnificence.

The price of 1 carat of an incredible rate diamond, according to the most average data, is about between $1,300 and $16,500. Colored diamonds are evaluated according to other parameters.

How big is a 1-carat ring?

To buy an engagement diamond ring of the right size, you can ask the girl to buy it in a conversation with her.

Another option is to take the ring the girl is wearing and take its inner diameter in millimeters. This will be the size of the ring. The most common sizes: 16, 16.5, 17. Even if you do not guess with the size, it can be adjusted so that it will not be noticeable.

A carat is a measure of weight, and one carat is equivalent to 200 mg or 0.2 grams. How big a stone will look depends primarily on its size, and the size, in turn, trusts on the cut of the stone:

  • Round cut – around 6.5 mm in diameter
  • Square cut area (princess or asscher) – 5.5 mm length of one side
  • Emerald cut: approx 6.5 mm long, 5 mm wide (sides may vary)
  • Radiant approx. 6-6.5 mm
  • Oval and pear 8-8.5 mm long, 5-5.5 mm wide
  • Marquis cut 10 mm long, 5 mm wide

Keep in mind that these dimensions are approximate, and the actual size will depend on the proportions of the actual stone.

Where to purchase a 1-carat diamond ring

Famous sellers such as Ritani, Brian Gavin, as well as Leibish have many years of knowledge in selling the finest diamond products to diamond jewelry lovers. When you buy a diamond from any of these reputable dealers, you get a stone with guarantees.

Basically, your investment is secured, so you have zero risk of loss. In most cases, you will receive exactly what you ordered online or offline.

You can also purchase diamond items at Sofia Lior Diamonds.

There is no such thing as diamond carat size

It's amazing how one and the same stone can awaken a variety of intentions and aspirations in a person - for centuries there has been an unfair struggle for diamonds, today these precious stones are the most valuable exhibits at exhibitions, the cost of diamonds at auctions grows to unthinkable limits. Diamonds evoke the most insignificant emotions, captivate, but at the same time give rise to dark thoughts, inspired by the desire of those who alone possess treasures.

The most expensive diamond β€œPink Star” (59.6 carats, Sotheby's, Hong Kong, $71.2 million)

In the world of jewelry, everything is not so categorical, diamonds in products and accessories are presented so widely that each buyer can choose stones in any price category, literally from a few hundreds dollars.

Clarity rating for diamond rings

For diamonds over 0.3 carats, the subsequent scale is required:

β€’ 1 – perfectly clean stones;

β€’ 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 – inclusions that are hidden to the nude eye;

β€’ 7a, 8 – small inclusions visible to the stripped eye;

β€’ 9, 10, 11, 12 – stones with visible inclusions.

If you are on a tight budget, you can choose talented professionals with cleanliness of 5-7. It is impossible for the layman to distinguish them from "3" or "4", and the price will be lower.

Diamond ring shapes

When a diamond approaches the jeweler, he must study it carefully. Everything matters here: the size of the stone, the purity, the shape, the presence of defects. The diamond may be large, but only part of the stone may be suitable for cutting.

At the first stage of work, the jeweler does nothing with the stone. Possible months to study decision: what shape the diamond will be and how many parts it will have. The larger, purer and more valuable the stone is, the higher the responsibility of the master for the result.

All parts and facets of a diamond have their own names:

β€’ the top of the diamond is called the crown;

β€’ the lower one is a pavilion;

β€’ the largest face of the crown – a platform;

β€’ the line separating the pavilion and the crown is called the girdle;

β€’ facet – a specially beveled facet of a diamond, processed by grinding and polishing.

Diamond ring colors

What is the best color of diamonds? Among pallid diamonds, D color diamonds are most valued. D color, as well as E and F color, which are in the β€œcolorless” natural color of the scale. Fancy diamonds, such as yellow or pink, have a wide color classification.

Best price diamond ring

Did you know that the value of a diamond is assessed on a special grid and is of great importance in the marginal values? Visually, it is quite difficult to distinguish a 0.25 carat diamond from a 0.31-carat diamond, but their value will vary greatly. The fact is that the grid of diamonds up to 0.30 carats is one price level, and the diamonds included in the grid from 0.30 belong to a separate price order.