High quality moissanite engagement rings

If you are going to buy rings for engagement but haven’t made your final choice yet think about choosing moissanite. This unique stone will amaze you with its beauty and mystery. But first, you need to find the best place to buy moissanite engagement rings.

Is It a Problem to Find Engagement Rings with Moissanite?

Henri Moissan found moissanite in 1893. A French chemist discovered the mineral in a meteorite crater in Arizona. Later, the stone was named after its discoverer. At first, Moissan decided that he had found a diamond, but later realized that a completely different mineral had fallen into his hands.

Moissanite is a unique, colorless mineral, which is a single crystal of silicon carbide (SiC), the first in hardness after diamond. It is the only one superior to the diamond in terms of refractive index and dispersion, which gives it an extraordinary play of light. This is not an imitation of a diamond or its substitute, it is a new stone with its own unique properties.

Natural crystals of moissanite are extremely rare. Small needles are found as inclusions in meteorites and kimberlite pipes. A century after the discovery of natural moissanite, the first large gem-quality crystal was successfully grown in a high-tech laboratory in North Carolina (USA).

The rarity of natural moissanite doesn’t allow us to use it in jewelry. But modern technologies have made them available! Of course, only an experienced jeweler can find the difference between high-quality moissanite and a bad copy. That's why if you don’t know where to buy affordable moissanite rings, you should find the best moissanite company that you can trust.

How to Find Moissanite Rings with a High Quality?

Natural moissanite is a very rare and therefore expensive stone. The synthesis of large stone crystals also makes them expensive. However, the actual quality and cost of the mineral will depend on its size, color, transparency, and uniformity of this color, cut quality itself. For example:

  • The most expensive will be a colorless artificial cut stone of 1 carat (about 6.9 mm in diameter).
  • In second place is a stone of green or blue hue.
  • Black, cognac, or yellow color stones are slightly cheaper.

It is not difficult to distinguish moissanite from other stones with the naked eye in jewelry. For example, cubic zirconia will have a significantly lower luster than moissanite. The beveled edges of cubic zirconia you can see under a magnifying glass. Also, you will never see fingerprints on the moissanite.

Do Most Jewelry Stores Have Moissanite?

Despite the fact that moissanite has become very popular lately, finding a good store with a large assortment of moissanite jewelry is quite difficult. If you don't know where to buy moissanite engagement rings, better to ask jewelers if there are any among your friends or search on the internet. But while searching for the best place to buy moissanite don’t forget that not all stones are created equal and it’s important to look for quality gemstones from a trusted and reputable source.

Where to Buy Moissanite Rings?

While searching for the best place to buy loose moissanite you can choose between two possible options:

  • Natural stores. Some jewelry stores in big cities sell rings with moissanite.
  • Online jewelry shop. As many natural stores don’t carry moissanite, searching online you can find the best prices, range, and variety of quality stones. Especially if you live in a small city, you don’t have another choice because probably there is no moissanite in your jewelry shops.

The Best Stores to Buy Moissanite Engagement Rings Online

There are a lot of online shops in the USA where you can buy the best moissanite engagement rings. Choosing the online jewelry store is associated with a large list of benefits:

  • Large assortment of engagement rings.
  • Favorable prices for jewelry.
  • High quality when buying jewelry on the official website of famous brands.

The Best Place to Buy Moissanite in Dallas

If you are searching for the best moissanite rings in Dallas, you can find world-famous brands in the city and local companies which sell quality jewelry. If you have always dreamed of owning a unique engagement ring, you should turn to the services of a local jeweler.

For example, Sofia Lior Diamonds is a local company that specializes in designing engagement rings and fine jewelry out of Lab Created Diamonds and Moissanite stones. The company's jewelers create unique engagement rings for individual orders using gold, platinum, moissanite. Along with high-quality, clients get the maximum level of service with uncompromised integrity at the lowest possible cost.

Why it’s hard to find rings with moissanite? Moissanite is a very rare stone that is artificially produced in special laboratories. Due to limited quantity, it’s hard to find a jewelry store that sells moissanite.

What are the most famous moissanite brands in the USA? There are few best moissanite brands in the USA. The list includes Charles&Colvard, MoissaniteCo, Brilliant Earth, Gemvara.

What are the top Dallas moissanite companies? Sofia Lior Diamonds is one of the best moissanite companies in Dallas which has been selling moissanite jewelry for more than 5 years.