What kind of stone is moissanite?

Moissanite is the new trend in modern fashion for gems. Its sparkles attract even more than the sparkling of a diamond. And its price is quite affordable, which also adds attraction to this gem. But do you have any ideas about the genesis of a moissanite stone? Let's figure it out!

What Is Moissanite?

This gem was named after the French chemist Ferdinand Henry Moissane, who discovered this amazing silicon-carbon compound. This stone appears when the atoms of two non-metals line up in orderly rows of the crystal lattice, and they need to be thoroughly heated and squeezed. On the Earth, such a process in nature couldn't be performed. That is why naturally created moissanite is rare. How did it happen, then, that you have the opportunity to easily buy moissanite diamonds in any store?

Is Moissanite Man-Made? Both yes and no. There are two kinds of gems. The first one is naturally grown. But, alas, it can hardly be found even in a 1-carat option. It comes to Earth only with the space dust or meteors. But people managed to repeat the full chemical process in lab conditions. And it is good news! So, today, moissanites are actively used as the most realistic and tough diamond substitute.

Does Moissanite Look Like a Diamond?

Yes. And no, again. If you are not a gemologist, you will have difficulty distinguishing between moissanite and diamond. They are merely alike to an amateur. Moissanite rings vs diamond are even more sparkling thanks to their higher refractive index. They are often called artificial diamonds that look real.

And here we come to the most exciting questions. What are the main qualities of this stone, and how do they differ from the diamond's qualities?

  • Cut. Moissanite can have all the types of diamond cuts. Moreover, its edges are perfectly measured. Inserts made of moissanite are made according to the strict canons of optical science, while natural diamonds, in order to preserve carats, are sometimes cut with considerable violations of geometric symmetry.
  • The clarity of the lab-grown stone is higher than that of the majority of natural ones due to its lab created diamonds.
  • A carat measure of moissanite is a bit heavier than that of a diamond. Gems of similar size will differ in weight due to the higher specific gravity of moissanite.
  • Color also has its merits. While growing moissanite, the expert can make it of any color, and it is quite easy to make the purest colorless gem.

Is moissanite graded on the GIA diamond color grading scale? Moissanite is also graded by the GIA scale, and similar stones like moissanite and diamond do have different grades. For moissanite, it is quite common to have a D to F (DEF) mark. And for diamonds, such marks show their sky-high price as such diamonds are rare.

How does moissanite sparkle?

It is the main quality that makes this gemstone not only a diamond substitute but a separate gemstone evaluated in jewelry. The fire is the result of light refraction through the edges of a stone. Moissanite fire is twice as bright and colorful as diamond fire. That is why people are often searching for 'moissanite near me' in spite of buying a natural diamond.

Does moissanite have any inclusions? We cannot say that moissanite is the clearest gem on earth due to the chemical process that can cause some inclusions in the gem. But as usual, such inclusions are rare and of such a small size that you can hardly notice them without a microscope.

Moissanite's resistance to scratching and breaking being third in the world classification of material hardness, moissanite is resistant to scratches and breaking, merely as the diamond is.

Moissanite vs Diamond Side by Side

  • It is a rare natural mineral from outer space, and it is also a man-made gemstone that is actively used in jewelry.
  • It has a higher specific gravity, and it has more carats than diamond.
  • Furthermore, it is clearer and has a more intense fire.
  • When compared to diamonds, moissanites are 10 to 15 times less expensive.
  • It has higher grades by GIS scale.

It is an affordable price and a brilliant sparkle that have taken the gem to the top of the popularity list. And today, if you ask yourself, β€œShould I get a moissanite engagement ring?” We will definitely say it is the right choice. You can also find most of the answers to this topic on our FAQ page.