What Does Man-Made Diamond Mean?

Diamonds are among the top values of humanity. It is quite reasonable due to their glitter and shine. Another reason that makes diamonds so evaluated is that in nature, they are rare and hardly mined gems.

Choosing the Perfect Ring for a Lab Created Emerald Diamond

Of all man made gems, lab created emerald diamonds benefit the most from being produced artificially. In previous article of the blog, we revealed the question of the history of moissanite, in this article we will consider what a lab emerald diamond is and how it can fit well with an engagement ring.

Ring Enhancers

These are great for engagement or dress rings alike, but there is a simple way to enhance the appearance of any solitaire or plain band ring, which is to use a ring enhancer. Ring enhancers come in two flavors – inserts or wraps.

CVD and HPHT Diamonds

In the HPHT process, small diamonds are used as seeds. Graphite is dissolved in a molten metal at high pressure, and slowly precipitates as new diamonds.

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