Buyer's Guide to Citrine Gemstones

Are you searching for a gemstone to help you achieve prosperity and relieve anxiety? Citrine stone is thought as a symbol of the sun, and thus is a perfect choice for everyone who wants to bring joy into their lives. Citrine jewelry is enchanting with its shades, colors and, of course, the symbolic meaning kept by the stone through the ages. Let’s take a closer look at things you need to know when buying yellow citrine gemstones. In the previous article, we covered the issue of moissanite wedding bands, in this blog article we will consider the issue of citrine gemstones.

Being one of the most desirable and frequently purchased yellow stones, citrine is commonly less costly than amethyst, with which it is often confused. Citrine is a type of natural quartz and is quite a rare gemstone. It takes its name from the Latin word “citrus”, which means “lemon yellow”. In modern jewelry, most yellow quartz are represented by amethyst or smoky quartz stones enhanced by heat. To a layman, it is not an easy task to tell the difference between the natural and the enhanced citrine. The artificially made stone is evident by the solidity and different color of the base and the top.

You may wish to know that citrine is among the November birthstones. Hence, if you are looking for a jewel to give as a gift to someone born this month, citrine would be an ideal choice.

The History and Meaning of Citrine

The Romans and Greeks believed that citrine was the talisman of scholars, philosophers, and orators. The gemstone was said to evoke eloquence and bring public acclaim. The lemon-yellow gem often adorned the nobles' attributes, such as crowns, diadems, necklaces, rings, and more. Despite its popularity among the elite, very few people knew the true name of the mineral. The citrine was not treated as an independent stone until the middle of the 18th century, when it was identified as a separate variety and given its current name.

As previously stated, citrine is a symbol of sunlight and warmth. Its power gives one a feeling of vitality and healing from neuroses and depression. As the mineral concentrate's life energy, it is advised to be worn by severely ill people. Crystal healing experts say that the citrine stone can inspire one with a belief in healing. However, make sure that you buy a natural citrine and not a fake. The main hallmark of a forgery is the stone's value. Real citrine is quite rare and holds a high market price.

How to Buy Citrine?

Citrine stones are available in a range of styles, forms, and sizes. If you are going to purchase citrine jewelry pieces, you should know several factors that determine their value.

First, take into account the citrine color. The darker and richer the color of the mineral, the higher is the price. For example, a bright and eye-catching orange or reddish gemstone will cost much more than a pale or brown colored one. It is worth noting that deep orange “Madeira” citrines with fiery red flecks inside carry the highest value.

Buy citrine stones without any inclusions, which are visible due to the stone's transparency.

Another incredibly important cost factor is the cut quality. The appeal of a stone is immediately affected by the way a well-cut citrine shines equally across the entire stone. It shouldn’t have any washed-out or cloudy areas. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of high-quality citrines for sale to suit any taste in a jewelry store.

Best Citrine Engagement Ring Styles

Citrine is the sun stone and is generally associated with wealth and happiness. Therefore, citrine engagement rings enjoy high demand these days. In addition to its symbolic meaning, this stone is noted for its high durability, with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. It is resistant to damage and can be easily cut into various shapes and sizes.

The most common citrine rings available for sale are diamond halo or pave-style rings. Alternatively, a three citrine ring in a rounded setting with an oval citrine in the center would be a great choice as well. You can find citrine engagement rings featuring white, rose, and yellow gold supplements. Whether it's a modern and elegant ring or featuring vintage touches, it will look stunning and exquisite at all accounts.

The price range for citrine engagement rings is vast and depends on the quality, richness of the color, and stone cutting. Generally, the price can vary from $10 to $30 per carat. The lowest-priced citrine gemstones are those of pale shades discovered mostly in Bolivia, while the most precious stones are considered to be bright orange or reddish. Occasionally, citrine is sold individually cut, which increases the price of the stone by times.

Opting for a citrine engagement ring is a wonderful way to create peace and abundance in relationships, as well as put a strong emphasis on inspiration and individual vitality. There is an extensive range of citrine stones to choose from, so be open to experiments and manifest your uniqueness with this astonishing gemstone. Most importantly, choose your citrine stone purely by following your heart. It is only then you can feel its creative energy and appreciate its sparkling beauty.