Expert Guide to Buying an Diamond Eternity Band

These original bands are among the best gifts on the occasion of a wedding jubilee or the beginning of a relationship, birthday, or some other special celebrations and important dates. In the previous post of our blog, we talked about how to care of your engagement ring, in this article we will consider the issue of eternity band.

What is an eternity band?

These jewelries are made of various precious metals with a full loop of shining brilliants. The continuous circle of gemstones is a symbol of endless love.

Since in the classic version of the ring, diamonds evenly surround the whole finger, the costly eternity ring has a special rich luster. Besides, there are such types of bands in which gemstones are set by the manufacturer across the face of the jewelry.

Quite often, such types of rings are given as special gifts on the occasion of anniversaries. Additionally, it is a great gift option to celebrate the most important achievement in career and life, retirement, the appearance of a baby or even an amorous gift for a loved one.

Since the solid circle of gemstones is a symbol of continual passionate love, gifting such jewelry is related to expression of feelings, as well as with passionate relationships.

This accessory ought to be worn on the second extreme finger of your left hand. Though, if such a thing was gifted to you as a jubilee commemorative gift, you should wear an accessory between the marriage band and the engagement band. In addition, you can decide for yourself on which of the fingers it will look best and wear it the way you love it.

Where can you purchase brilliant eternity band?

If you have finally decided to buy an eternity band, we recommend choosing a proven, well-known jeweler seller. We can suggest a few reputable suppliers of eternity rings that will not let you down:

Blue Nile. Here you will find many different jewelries with brilliants as well as loose brilliants. Due to the fact that Blue Nile has a large number of products in stock, you can easily find the ring you need, which will suit your taste and financial capabilities. Blue Nile is known for first-rate client service and master ship of their jewelers. You will also be pleasantly surprised by the affordable prices for gemstones.

James Allen. It is also one of the leaders among online jewelry sellers. They work in the market about as much as Blue Nile, and offer no less a choice of engagement rings, eternity bands, loose diamonds, etc. Their website presents photos and videos of the highest quality, thanks to which you can easily compare products and not make a mistake in your choice. The selection at James Allen is truly incredible. It is worth emphasizing that this is one of the best options for you when it comes to reasonably priced eternity bands.

Sofia Lior Diamonds. The online store is widely popular and offers its customers the best gemstones in the business. Most buyers admit that the brilliants bought here shine fantastically. The collection of eternity bands is very large, diverse and really high quality, so you will not be limited in your choice. This site is worth a visit for those who are looking for the highest quality and stylish bands.

When do you most often gift an eternity band?

Such bands are usually bought when it is necessary to make a nice gift to a loved one with whom you have a passionate relationship, or when someone celebrates an important stage in a marriage.

Most frequently, such bangs are given on the occasion of the wedding anniversary. In particular, it is a great way to cheer up your loved one on the fifth, tenth, twentieth and twenty-fifth anniversary. In addition, such bands are given for special birthdays, on the occasion of the birth of a baby, on Valentine's Day, on the occasion of retirement. It is a pleasure to receive such a jewel for Christmas, Hanukkah, and other religious holidays.

Eternity band settings & metals

When choosing an original eternity band, you need to pay attention to the type of its setting, thanks to which brilliants are kept in place, because the aesthetic appeal of this jewelry depends on it.

All bands can be divided into four types according to their settings. Diamonds can evenly surround the band or cover only part of it. They are called half or full eternity bands. Below, we briefly describe each of the four types and their main features.

Eternity. This is a classic version of the band. The prong setting has prongs which hold the installed brilliants. So outwardly we see only diamonds and a minimum of metal. Thanks to this, the accessory will shine as much as possible with all the faces of precious stones. Due to the fact that the prong setting has numerous grooves, such a ring is quite difficult to clean. Although, if you entrust this matter to a professional jeweler, no difficulties will arise.

Channel. In this version, the eternity band brilliants are located in the channel of the jewelry. Due to the fact that the channel lips hold onto the girdles of the brilliants, stones are reliably protected from falling out. Such jewelry does not cling to clothing.

Bezel. This style of band is less common, but it is characterized by a very attractive design. In this case, the gems are individually placed in a setting that fully surrounds the diamond. After that, all the gems are soldered together, forming an original ring.

Flush. This is the most original and unique option. It is ideal when you are looking for something very modern and unique, but at the same time one that retains its tradition. Such eternity bands are very easy to clean and comfortable to wear.

If we talk about the best metal for this type of bands, probably, there is no such option. Here you should be guided primarily by your own preferences and tastes. Emerald eternity ring or princess cut eternity band - each of these jewelries is original in its own way. If we talk about durability, then all the materials from which this wonderful jewelry is made, are quite reliable and suitable for everyday wear. We also suggest you take a look at these moissanite engagement rings that may suit you.