Engagement Rings Vs Wedding Rings

Many centuries ago, people's lives were much shorter than they are now, and people were looking for all sorts of ways to protect themselves and their loved ones from misfortunes. Many believed that the soul of a person could simply flow out of a person, like water, and then the person would die. To prevent this from happening, people bandaged their legs and arms with linen laces and woven herbs. When a girl got married, her husband, to protect his chosen one, wrapped her legs and hands with wedding rings.

Over the years, life, customs, the well-being of nations have changed - the attitude towards wedding rings has also changed. Today, we perceive wedding rings not as something magical or ritualistic, but as quite a worthy decoration, stylized as fictitious traditions of different countries. There were times when wedding rings made of leather, wood, a stone was in use. Now, as materials for wedding rings, mainly precious metals are used. An important fact has always been considered that investing in precious metals is one of the most reliable ways to invest. And investing in wedding rings made of precious metals is the first investment in the gold reserves of a young family.

In life, there are not so significant events, and many such cases are due to a previous marriage in western engagement civilization.

Giving wedding rings from time immemorial is a symbol of love for a couple entering into marriage and a kind of guarantee of the stability of their family relationships. In the previous post of our blog, we talked about the best engagement ring styles, in this article we will give answers about engagement vs wedding rings.

Types of rings

Several types of rings develop; newlyweds are observed who give gifts to each different. The first - wedding rings - a covering with a church wedding ceremony, which is outdated in our country and is not observed by all Orthodox Christians. People from some conservative families get married to pay tribute to the tradition - they buy three rings.

Also, matchmaking, a custom that was the initial stage of the presence of marriage, is a thing of the past. Today, young people prefer to make acquaintances on their own and decide for themselves who to choose as a companion or companion for a joint family life together.

Engagement rings

The engagement ring is a common piece of jewelry that the groom gives to the bride when asking for a hand and heart, that is, during the so-called engagement. If the bride accepts such a gift, then by doing so she gives her consent to the proposal. In addition, such a ring can be only one and be intended for the bride. This jewelry is not removed until the very day of the wedding, and after it the girl who has become a wife can wear two rings at once on one finger. That is what many do today. Also, you can find in our blog answer: how to take care of your engagement ring!

Wedding rings

If earlier the same ring was called wedding and engagement, now they differ in the endowed with spiritual meaning and the place of the wedding.

The aforementioned church betrothal was replaced by a civil wedding. Its official part is carried out in the registry office and during examination by authorized state employees. Despite this, the event is truly romantic: the newlyweds strengthen their intentions by publicly exchanging wedding rings, a festive mood reigns, relatives and all close friends gather for the celebration. Also, you can find answer in our article about moissanite wedding rings and sets.

Differences between an engagement ring and a wedding ring

In addition, wedding rings have a certain symbolism and power. They serve as a talisman of family happiness and prosperity. And engagement is just a sign of love.

Engagement rings also differ in appearance. Usually, they are made in a more flirtatious style and have a pebble in the center.

Another feature is that when parting, the girl must return the gift to the guy. And this does not apply to wedding products.

As you can see, these types of jewelry are not the same thing at all, there is a huge difference. Although there are cases when people confuse these concepts. In this article, we dotted thee. Now you don't make a mistake.

When and where to wear

Wedding etiquette prescribes to change it on the left hand - thereby ringing the “love veins”, or on the middle finger. Plus, she can wear it whenever she wants. Choosing them, people think first of all about convenience and practicality - but not least about aesthetics. Wedding rings should not rub or cause allergic reactions - of course, this applies to any jewelry accessory. In any case, their quality allows you to fearlessly visit the pool and sauna, do sports or household chores, transplant flowers or paint with oils.

Our ancestors believed in the energy of the earth: they noticed the connection of well-being with the metals and other substances bestowed by it. In particular, gold and silver accumulate or repel positive energy on one side or another of the body - therefore, historically; family jewelry is worn on the right hand. Modern girls, free from prejudice, for the sake of comfort and completely alternate their location.

How to choose an engagement ring for a man

For the ring on the male hand to look harmonious, it must be chosen correctly.

  • Choose a metal. Now the main materials from which wedding rings are made are gold and silver. A silver ring is considered less practical, as scratches are more visible on it, it quickly darkens and loses its shiny appearance. Gold, on the other hand, is a more durable metal, and even with daily wear, it will retain its presentability longer. Of course, no matter what metal you choose, you need to take care of the ring: from time to time, give it to be cleaned, polished, etc. Therefore, there are no special recommendations for the metal: only your preference matters.
  • Decide on a color. A classic is a yellow wedding ring (made of gold, respectively) or a steel-colored model. Moreover, relatively discreet shades of «stainless steel» men are choosing more and more often: so the risk of seeming "feminine" is coming to naught. If you are a fan of muted radiance, but want to choose something more costly than silver, take a ring made of white gold or platinum. The strength and “preciousness” of these metals are on par, and the laconic steel sheen looks noble and elegant. By the way, modern jewelers are ready to please demanding men with black steel rings. Looks bold and elegant at the same time. You may like it!
  • Think about compatibility. If you wear other jewelry on your hands (rings, bracelets, and watches), you need to pay attention to the compatibility of metals. Especially when it comes to accessories that are worn on one hand. Of course, the gold-silver taboo no longer exists today: you can combine gold and silver jewelry on one hand. But this should be done as carefully as possible because the line between style and bad taste is very thin. If you're not willing to look for that edge and risk not finding it, pick one color for yourself (steel or yellow-gold) and follow that with your other accessories.
  • Don't forget proportions. It is clear that, on average, men's engagement rings are larger than women's. Though here it is important to pay attention to the figure of a man and directly to his hands. It will not be possible to work in contrast as with girls. If a massive ring can emphasize the fragility of women's hands, then an overly large model of a male ring on the owner of a thin hand with thin fingers will look ridiculous. It will also not be easy to make out a thin laconic ring on large hands. Therefore, try to choose jewelry that is comparable to your parameters.

There is an opinion that when choosing a men's wedding ring, it is important to pay attention to the women's ring. Now it is very fashionable to choose rings in the same style. But in terms of fashion, this requirement is not rigid. After all, the farther apart the decorations are located, the less similar they can be. So, combining gold and silver, on one hand, is dangerous, but on two it is permissible. If these are rings on the hands of different people, then you understand: you cannot chase after especially harmonious compatibility. But if you want a similar design, the jewelers or jewelry store have taken care of you: a set of wedding rings is one of the most sought-after purchases today.