Moissanite Vintage Engagement Rings in Modern Jewelry

Among the most popular engagement rings, it is vintage design that is always actual, no matter what are fashion trends telling fashionistas. This kind of jewelry fascinates with its luxury and exclusiveness. Due to the similarity to antique pieces of jewelry, these items create a very special image for their owners. If you know the ring size for your soulmate, then this vintage ring will be just right for you. So let's take a look at moissanite engagement rings with a vintage design.

What Should You Know Before Buying Vintage Rings

The first thing that should be considered is that vintage design is not the same as antique one. When we are talking about vintage gold rings, these are modern pieces of jewelry that are inspired by the fashion of old days from Middle Ages up to 80s and 90s. All these are also called vintage today, as the term refers to dates from 30 years ago and more.

Also, there is a difference between vintage style that offers some special features that were in fashion years and decades ago and vintage itself that is a term characterizing items made at least three decades ago.

Why buying moissanite vintage engagement ring is so trendy? To answer the question, let's remember, who wears antique jewelry often? You can be sure, the roots of that trend are in royalty. As European royal families are kind of tradition keepers who have rich treasury, they are often seen on paparazzi's photos and tabloids issues wearing antique rings and diadems. As for young generations royalty is still fashion icons, the popularity of jewelry that resembles antique items from royal treasuries is quite logical.

Advices for Buying the Perfect Moissanite Vintage Engagement Ring

When you want to buy vintage style rings, it is necessary to keep in mind several tips.

  • Be sure that your loved one will be delighted with the style of a ring. Vintage jewelry is quite cranky as it requires a very special image, outfits or even type of appearance. It doesn't suit sporty or active women, it looks weird when worn with military or smart casual clothes. Yet, for romantic style, It is essential.
  • When choosing an item in vintage style, better turn your eyes to natural gold and silver, not to imitation jewelry. The very exception is using moissanites instead of diamonds as there are several reasons to evaluate that gem we'll count further.
  • Even among vintage jewelry, there are different styles that have their peculiarities. Be sure you know exactly what style is preferable for you and your soulmate.

What Makes a Moissanite Engagement Ring β€œVintage”? Firstly, there are no moissanite antique style engagement rings, as the gem itself was invented not so long ago. All the pieces of jewelry with moissanites are of a new origin. Yet, they can look really antique due to the following reasons:

  • Using of aged metal with patina.
  • Application of old-fashioned settings, i.e. cathedral setting.
  • Using the brightest details that are natural for a certain style, i.e. using of floral details for Art Deco or some kinds of unusual solitaire settings for Victorian style.

Antique & Vintage Moissanite Engagement Rings Style

Despite the fact these moissanite vintage engagement rings are just newly designed, they have lots of merits, placing them on the same stage with antique jewelry.

  • A skilled jeweler can make a real piece of art using moissanites corresponding to the chosen style.
  • Moissanites are even brighter and more sparkling than natural diamonds. They have similar strength and shining, they are of the same color and clarity.
  • Taking care of moissanite jewelry in a vintage style is easier. No need to worry about its condition, renting a safe deposit box and arranging the security for a costly item. Just wear it, No more is required.
  • Yet, the price for moissanite engagement ring will be at least a dozen times cheaper. And for antique jewelry, the difference can be of hundreds times.

What Metal Can We Use for My Moissanite Vintage Engagement Ring?

There are fewer limitations for use of various metals in old-fashioned engagement rings with moissanite.

  • Use vintage stone and rose gold for a real romantic present for your loved one.
  • Offer your future spouse an engagement ring of vintage white gold to underline her tenderness and sophistication.
  • Choose engagement ring of yellow gold in a vintage style for lover of traditions.
  • Want to make her crying from the delight? A vintage pink engagement ring will make her so.

We offer you to take a closer look at a vintage rose gold engagement ring if you are not sure in the choice of metal.

What Is a Good Size Stone for a Vintage Engagement Ring? Buying vintage engagement ring you will face with one more problem to solve that is the size of a gem to choose. We can say that the solution is quite simple. Get a 1-carat vintage cut moissanite for laconic classy design or for a ring with multiple gemstones that are designed as a flower, a star or another symbol. If you want a ring to look exquisite and light in weight, a 2-carat vintage cut moissanite will come in handy. Starting from a 3-carat vintage cut moissanite, a solitaire setting will look good. And if you want to amaze your girlfriend, just choose a 4-carat+ vintage cut moissanite for her engagement ring.

What Is a Vintage Engagement Ring Setting?

We can say, there are lots of settings that suit vintage style. As there are lots of epochs that inspire jewelers to create their vintage engagement ring styles. Let's make a small scope of the most popular styles and settings.

  • Halo vintage engagement rings are really traditional ones. Starting from classy options with emerald-cut diamond surrounded by smaller round diamonds, up to unusual cushion gems and antique cuts are looking unbelievable in ring settings of halo.
  • Floral vintage engagement rings are among the most diverse yet ancient styles. Placing gems in a form of flower bud allows a jeweler to make a real masterpiece.
  • Cathedral vintage engagement rings are also popular due to the special type of setting of a gem. It looks like it was taken from your grand grandmothers' treasury.
  • Art Deco vintage engagement rings are among the most complex and sophisticated types of jewelry. It combines lightness and complex techniques.
  • Filigree vintage engagement rings are looking like elves-made pieces of jewelry. They are full of air and look magical.

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