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How to choose a diamond? Guide to Buying Lab Grown Diamonds

choosing lab grown diamonds
Diamonds are not only the girl’s best friends but also a good investment and a kind of status marker. Let’s find out how to choose diamonds to buy the best one for your collection.

What Is Diamond?

Diamonds are expensive jewelry that has been valued since ancient times, and for one such stone one could give the estate or the whole castle.
But do not confuse faceted diamonds that are the most expensive with a diamond stone that has only been found in diamondiferous ore or Grown lab and has not yet been cut. As a result of grinding, the stone acquires not only its beauty and begins to play with all the colors of the rainbow but also loses weight. Only faceted diamonds are valued as a jewelry stone.

Lab-Grown Diamonds vs. “Natural” Diamonds

What is diamond?
When researching diamonds, you may have seen information about laboratory-grown diamonds compared to naturally occurring diamonds. Some people may call laboratory-grown diamonds “fake diamonds,” imitation or imitation, but this is not true. Diamonds grown in the laboratory are chemically and physically identical to natural diamonds obtained as a result of the geological processes of Nature. Cubic zirconia and moissanite, which are similar to diamonds, on the other hand, have very different chemical and physical properties and are known as mimicking diamonds.

How to Buy Diamonds

Choosing a diamond to buy try to use a rule of “4C” qualities. They are color, clarity, cut and carat. Combination of that 4 characteristics gives the most amazing result. And of course, you shouldn’t buy gems from doubtful seller because the market is full of false stones (eg zirconium that is often given out for a diamond). However, if you want to select the best diamond possible for a given budget, you need to go beyond the 4Cs and start looking at tangible data to make assessments.

When choosing artificial diamonds you should use the same principles as when buying ordinary diamonds. All the basic principles of choosing 4Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat.

What benefits do you get when you buying Lab Grown diamonds online?

There is also often a much wider inventory selection available, as online can be virtually listed versus having everything physically in person. Sofia Lior jewelry company offer a live chat option for best communication, which is an easy way to get in touch with a salesperson without the hassle of leaving please where you live. When online shopping, make sure that you pay closer attention to policies regarding returns, repairs, and warranties. Sofia Lior lab Grown jewelry company is a company who will be your advocate to find the highest quality lab-grown diamond with the best price! You can either shop online at your own leisure, any time of any day, or you can visit us at our retail store located in Dallas, Texas either by appointment.

Diamond Quality Guide

Even the size of a diamond fades into the background when it comes to quality. In this case, this is purity, that is, the number of impurities and how many defects are present in a particular stone. It is on these parameters that you need to pay close attention when you choosing Lab Grown diamond.

Diamond Color Guide

Diamonds color guid
The mass consciousness retained the notion that a diamond is only colorless but these minerals have different colors. These colors are impurities that change the refractive properties of stones but because of them, the stone does not become cheaper, on the contrary, it acquires a much higher price. In the event that this color is pronounced and unusual, and such stones are a rarity, almost more than a crystal clear diamond.

The usual and most common color are shades of brown and yellow. And rare, beautiful pink, green, blue shades are called fantasy. Black diamonds are considered especially valuable and popular. But before, they were not considered precious at all, due to the greater amount of graphite impurity.

Diamond Clarity Guide

Sofia Lior clarity guid
There is a special marking for a diamond’s clarity. As usual, jewelers set a code for each jewelry masterpiece in which, you can find information about clarity. Diamonds of the highest quality are marked with the number 1, they are very expensive. Such stones are called a pure water diamond because placing it in clean water, you will not be able to see the diamond, it will not be distinguishable from water. Each diamond from 0.3 carats is given a special certificate with all the data about its weight, clarity, cut and color. Put maximum attention to the information in the certificate before you buy a diamond.