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Lab created diamonds – is it worth buying such a diamond?

Lab created diamonds Dallas

As you know, diamond is the most durable of precious stones, nature spends at least several thousand years on its creation. Only in the 14th century, scientists and jewelers learned how to cut diamonds and the very concept of diamond appeared. Attempts to create an artificial diamond began in the 18th century. In total, at the moment there are several types of synthetic diamonds that are similar in appearance and structure to diamonds.

Types of Lab created diamonds

Moissonite – grown in laboratory conditions since the 20th century, in composition it is silicon carbide. The name of the mineral is in honor of its creator – the French scientist Henri Moissant. Further, the technologies were significantly developed and the methods developed by scientists and methods for producing moissanite are still applied. The value of moissonite in industry is very high. According to its technical characteristics, it can even surpass the natural diamond.

Swarovski crystals are a crystal with a changed composition. Swarovski is a world famous brand. Daniel Swarovski began his activities in the middle of the 19th century, then he invented his own formula, which allowed him to obtain crystals that were perfect in brilliance and beauty.

Lab created diamonds

Could Lab created diamonds be an alternative to the diamonds market?

Lab created diamonds can be less expensive than natural diamonds. There is a leap in the technology for producing artificial diamonds, and the price of synthetic diamonds is declining rapidly due to market demand.

For jewelry purposes, the market for synthetic diamonds is formed. Due to the crisis and high prices for natural diamonds, the buyer is ready to find an alternative in artificial diamonds. The crisis and the problem of the virus in 2020 showed that lab grown diamonds that are several times cheaper are a good substitute for expensive natural diamonds.

All lab grown diamonds that are used for jewelry purposes, as a rule, are promoted under their own brand and consumers are not trying to mislead. So there will be no problems in buying laboratory diamonds for both the buyer and the seller.