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More Lab Created Diamonds Questions



I wanted to take a look at some more common questions about lab grown diamonds in this article. There is a lot of interest in the comparison between real and lab diamonds, which is very understandable. After all, if a lab diamond has the exact properties as a real one, why wouldn’t you buy it?!

How are created diamonds made?

As we have discussed previously, there are several main methods of producing synthetic diamonds. All involve creating an environment to mimic the conditions under which diamonds are produced in nature, namely that of high pressure and high temperature. These conditions are created using a series of ‘anvils’ which are designed to increase pres sure by transferring force through a series of smaller and smaller surfaces. Because the diamonds grown are formed so much more quickly than in nature, the conditions must be precisely controlled. In fact, diamond producing companies like Gemesis might have experimented with millions of possible combinations of temperature, pressure and trace elements before finding te perfect combination to produce optimal diamonds.

Are lab created diamonds real? Yes! Lab diamonds are as ‘real’ as a mined diamond. They are made out of the same material and they are grown in a similar way as in nature. They are man made, but they are real diamonds in every sense of the word.

Choosing the best lab created diamonds

Buying lab diamonds can be a perilous affair if you aren’t familiar with the terminology. Look out for words like ‘simulated’, ‘synthetic’, ‘simulant’ or similar. If you hear this language, be very clear about what you are getting. Is it a real, lab grown diamond, made out of carbon? Or is it another material manufactured to look like a diamond? One of the best ways to tell is the price. Genuine lab diamonds, while cheaper than real gems, are still very expensive. You might pay several thousand dollars to buy a high quality one carat lab created diamonds gem. In contrast, good quality diamond simulants sell for closer to $100 per carat. Not that these can’t be lovely gems – but be clear that you are getting what you want.

How hard are lab created diamonds? Because lab diamonds are chemically identical to real diamonds, they are extremely hard. Lab diamonds can scratch glass just like a real diamond.

Do created diamonds have flaws? Yes! This is a common misconception. Lab diamonds are just as likely to have flaws in the stone as a real one. These are called inclusions and a good gem cutter will be able to minimize the visibility of these. The greater the clarity of a created diamond the greater the rarity and higher the price, just like a real diamond.