Moissanite Custom Engagement Rings
Moissanite Custom Engagement Rings

Do you dream of a ring that is both beautiful and budget-friendly? We’ve got the answer for you! Moissanite comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Our moissanite rings are custom-made to the specifications you want in your jewelry. You can choose from a variety of forms, diamonds or moissanites on all sides of your ring, and engravings too! This means you get to make a piece that has meaning for you.

Is it expensive to have a custom moissanite ring? No, in the United States and many other countries, you have the option to have your ring designed with moissanite. There was a time when it was unavailable, but now, thanks to some clever marketing from De Beers, everyone knows about moissanite. So yes, moissanite can be custom-made for you. The most significant people find is that it is worth the cost and that compared to a diamond, it is much cheaper. 

Is moissanite good for an custom made moissanite engagement rings?

Yes, it is perfect. The biggest advantage of moissanite is the cost. Diamonds are naturally beautiful and unique, but most people do not need a diamond for jewelry; that is why moissanite has taken off. It is just as beautiful as diamonds and costs even less, which gives you a lot of flexibility if you are looking for something like custom moissanite jewelry.

All engagement rings should be made to fit with your lifestyle to be worn all the time without any issues. Engagement rings should also stand up to the wear and tear that they will encounter while being used in everyday life.

The process for making a custom-made moissanite ring can be very different from what you are used to. The first stage is finding out what you want your ring to look like. You need to know how big you would like the center stone to be, whether you want it faceted or not, and if there are any specific colors or styles that you prefer. This will help your designer to create a design moissanite engagement ring that fits all of your needs.

The next step is going through the same designer process as if you had chosen a diamond. This means going through many different designs and iterating until things are more than perfect.

Custom moissanite engagement rings for men & women

If you are a man looking for a custom moissanite engagement ring, you have to be careful. It’s still considered a feminine stone for jewelry. Some men are not into anything that is too dainty, so you will have to figure out your tastes before buying one.

For women, it is widespread to choose a custom made moissanite engagement rings. There are many reasons for this, and the main one is that people do not change their style often, and it does not often happen that someone changes their style or gets engaged, so choosing one is simple for the average person.

It is possible to create and buy a custom design moissanite ring online. People can choose a model that suits their budget and style preference. They can also choose to have the ring delivered to their home or, if they live close enough, for them to pick it up later. The process is straightforward, so you don't need anyone's help except your own.

WHERE TO BUY custom made moissanite engagement ring IN DALLAS TX?

You can buy custom moissanite engagement rings in a jewelry store that specializes in the sale of diamonds, rings and lab diamonds. So, you can come to our jewelry store and build your own moissanite engagement ring.

Our jewelers specialize in creating custom moissanite engagement rings from our clients. You should write to us or come to the jeweler and tell us what kind of ring you want to create your own moissanite engagement ring under the order. With us, your ideas for creating a moissanite engagement ring in Dallas will be brought to life!

FAQs Custom Moissanite Engagement Rings

The moissanite stone price for a 2 carat range from $1,200 to $3,000.
A 7.5mm moissanite is equivalent to a 1.50 carat cut diamond.
Yes, moissanite is just as strong as a diamond, and it is made with the same process as diamonds and therefore has the same characteristics. They are both rated on their ability to withstand things like scratching, water damage, and heat.
Yes, moissanite has a long life, and it is made using the same process as diamond
Yes, we offer a warranty on all our custom engagement rings with moissanite. They are guaranteed to be genuine moissanite and certified by the manufacturer. If the stone is chipped or cracked, you have a lifetime replacement policy.

Create your own custom engagement ring in our store!

In our jewelry store, you can create your own engagement ring that may suit you or your significant other!

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