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Moissanite Pave engagement rings


What could be more aesthetic and beautiful than engagement rings sparkling with a scattering of precious stones? Of course, nothing! If you like to admire the iridescence of light reflected in many gemstones gathered in one ring, a moissanite pavé ring is definitely your choice.

What is a Moissanite Engagement ring?

Let's start with terms. What is moissanite and why it is a coveted choice for modern jewelry? This mineral is not created by nature. It is a human creation that in last years supplants diamonds from their throne. Moissanite rings look extremely exquisite yet they are shining even brighter than any diamond ring could. The reason is covered in very special features that moissanites have. First of all, moissanite diamond is the generic name for a family of silicon carbide crystals. Grown in the laboratory, they are a worthy alternative to diamonds and demonstrate the best optical properties. The beauty of precious stones lies in sparkling, white and colored flashes, an intricate play of light. Moissanite has a refractive index of 2.65–2.97, which is the only property it surpasses diamond (2.42). Due to this, the crystal looks like a diamond and does not resemble a cheap imitation. The dispersion of light for moissanite is 1.104 versus 0.044 for diamond, so it exhibits more rainbow-colored flashes.

What is Moissanite Pave Engagement ring?

When it comes to the choice of an engagement ring, moissanite options are among the best in the market today. As for fashion trends, it is moissanite pave engagement ring that is on the top of all rates today. The specifics of that design lies in the use of dozens of gemstones of a small size placed on the ring to create a real shining plateau. Besides, moissanite pave jewelry has several settings to be chosen so you are not limited with a single option. Instead of this, you can get your favorite setting supplemented with multiple gems.

Types of Pave settings. As there is no limitation by designer's imagination, there are lots of ideas implemented in pave design. Let's enclose them to help you to make the right choice.

Pavé Bands. Starting with bands – the lines that gemstones create when they are set on the ring. Due to the use of tiny stones, you can get from 1 to 5 bands set on the ring. The more bands you choose the wider will be the item. One more feature worth considering is the type of gems' arrangement. They could be set in strict parallel lines creating laconic geometry or they could be partially shifted to make a special tracery. For moissanite pave design, both options look splendid.

Micro Pave Set. When it comes to the choice of the setting, the main question lies in choosing the prong type. It could be micro-pave or petite pave – the first has the tiniest prongs not visible at a glance. They help to accentuate the sight on gems themselves. Micro pave is the best option for a narrow ring with less than 1-carat moissanites.

Petite Pave Engagement Ring. Petite pave has larger prongs and it is looking good when using bigger moissanites for a band. This type of setting helps to attract the sight to the size of gemstones and it looks deluxe when using it in single-band moissanite engagement rings.

Pavé Halos. Halo as an accent on the central big stone is always a good idea. And a combo of halo pave setting with the pave band is the most luxurious option ever. Due to its sparkling, small gems will decorate a bigger central stone and accentuate on its clarity and color.

French Pave. If you want to make your ring shining extremely brighter enclosing all the bright sides of every gem you have in it, take a look at the French pave design. It is distinguished by a very special prong type that resembles V-cut. With it, the sides of moissanite are open to the sight reflecting even more light than ever.

U-cut Pavé or Scallop. One more setting that helps a ring to shine like a star is U-cut or Scallop pave setting. In it, a groove for each gem has a special U-shape enclosing sides and creating an interesting wavy effect.

What Are the Key Benefits of Buying Moissanites?

We have already considered that a gemstone is a good replacement for a diamond. Yet, why should you buy it instead of a diamond? Here are some of the reasons why you should purchase moissanite.

  1. Its price rules! The cost for moissanite is sometimes 10-12 times lower than the price for a diamond of a similar weight and cut. That is, you can get a ring that looks deluxe even with the smallest budget.
  2. That stone is a real boost of luster, brilliance and fire. It has no analogs in other natural and synthetic gems.
  3. Its sparkling is brighter and more diverse than the sparkling of diamonds due to its higher reflective index.
  4. Moissanite has 50% more luster than CZ and 18% more luster than a diamond.
  5. When it comes to durability and comfort, moissanite wins. It is extremely durable, tough, and hard, so you know that it can become a family heirloom.
  6. It is an ethical choice since it is made in labs and no low-payed labor or ecological disaster is provided when creating them. Can you tell the same about a diamond?

With moissanites, it is possible to get any customized ring you want. It doesn't have any restrictions in use when creating jewelry. Its highest 4Cs allow almost anything to be done.

Pros and Cons of a Pave Setting

When you choose pave ring design, there are only pros you may see. It looks sparkling, it can be designed for any type of fingers and palm shape. It suits both engagement goals and everyday us. Yet, the only drawback of that design is its complicated care routine. Due to numerous gems, it shouldn't be worn every day or while some working processes. Gems can scratch something accidentally. To take care of such a ring, you need to take it to the jeweler or to spend time carefully cleaning it with soft clothes and soap water.

Moissanite Pave Engagement Ring Quality and Certification

As with any natural gemstone, moissanite is also certified and has its own quality standards. There are several features moissanite is graded when certified. Besides casual 4Cs, the list of features include

  • Brilliance
  • Sparkles
  • Intensity
  • Polish
  • Overall symmetry
  • Girdle Thickness

Grading certificates are obligatory and you can apply for them when buying both a loose stone or a ready-made piece of jewelry.

What Metal Can You Choose for Your Moissanite Pave Engagement Ring

When it is done with the gemstones' choice, the next question is about what metal to choose for a ring? Be sure, pave design looks exclusive in almost every type of metal. You can choose yellow gold to get a classy piece of jewelry that will highlight gems' clarity with the contrast. For romantic natures, rose gold and pink gold are a good idea. Both options are also the best choice for young girls. And when it comes to trendy options, nothing can be compared to white gold, pure and cooling in its essence.

Pave Ring Setting Can Be Good With What Gem Cut?

As usual, for pave settings, round-cut diamonds are used. They are the best option for extremely bright sparkling. Yet, you can use oval-cut gems for a single-band ring. And when it comes to combining halo design with pave, almost every cut is suitable for the central stone. Be it a Pear-cut or a Radiant, a Cushion or an Asher, even fantasy cuts like Princess or Heart are looking brilliant.

Comparing Moissanite Rave Engagement Ring in Sofia Lior vs Competitors

When you are looking for high-quality moissanite jewelry in Dallas, TX, you have a choice between several jewelry stores that are specializing in that type of jewelry. They are Sofia Lior, Ken and Dana design studio and the True Gem store. What makes Sofia Lior different?

  • In the store, only highly experienced jewelers are working.
  • You are welcome to get an individually designed ring in Sofia Lior.
  • An accurate consultation concerning the design, the number of gems, their size and cut etc is provided for every customer.
  • All types of lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds are available. You can get rings with natural gems, with moissanites or even a combo of both options in one item.

Can You Resize a Pavé Ring?

 It depends on several features. Please, contact us to get a more detailed consultation.

Things to consider about the pavé setting

When you choose a ring, you should consider its width, the number of bands, the type of setting and some design peculiarities. We can provide you with help when choosing a pave ring

Is the technology for lab growing of moissanites the same as the past decades' methods?

Modern technology goes a step ahead of past time methods. Nowadays, moissanites are hardly distinguished from natural diamonds. Statistics says that 2 of 3 jewelers cannot define whether it is a natural gem or a lab-grown. 

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