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Unique moissanite engagement rings

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Unique moissanite engagement rings

Unique Moissanite Engagement Rings

Unique Engagement Rings

History of moissanite gemstones and moissanite engagement rings is interesting and intricate. It causes a lot of controversy and discussion, but everyone instantly falls silent as soon as they see exclusive jewelry with moissanite. No one will ever dare to doubt that this is not a diamond, because it is very difficult to do even for specialists.

Why can we compare moissanite and natural diamond?

We can compare these two gemstones because they are really close to each other: the characteristics of synthetic moissanite are as close as possible to the parameters of the “king” of precious stones. And what is most surprising, is that some regard them even superior to diamont. If anyone else doubts, then just read till the end and everything will become clear. 

Technical specifications:

  • higher refractive index than diamond (2.65 / 2.69 against 2.42);
  • higher dispersion than diamond (0.104 against 0.044);
  • hardness second only to diamond (9.25 against 10);

What Is a Unique Moissanite Engagement ring?

A unique engagement ring cannot mean uniqueness to everyone. The uniqueness of the ring lies in the choice: stone, metal, combination of sizes and materials. If we talk about the uniqueness of a ring, most often we mean its differences from standard rings.

Why do people like to buy unique engagement rings?

When we talk about buying unique engagement rings we can describe many arguments and reasons. But the main things are:

  • Show your future wife the seriousness of your intentions and plans.
  • Show that you are attentive to details and clearly understand the preferences of his chosen one. 
  • Emphasize the uniqueness and originality of future spouses 
  • You could also be reflective of your uniqueness as a couple.

How can you make your moissanite engagement ring more unique?

You can use this simple guide for create spesial engagement ring with moissanite:

  • Adding a fancy color diamond
  • Choosing a gemstone as the center stone instead of a diamond
  • Having more than one metal type on the ring
  • Choosing a vintage ring
  • Adding a pop of color
  • Choosing a unique ring setting
  • Creating a custom engagement ring

One way to make your look unique and truly charming is to create a ring of your liking! The best part is that in this case there are absolutely no restrictions. You can borrow the design of ready-made wedding rings with moissanite or wedding rings with natural diamonds, it can also be copies of wedding rings of famous people. Many jewelers offer help and advice in making custom rings; there is always a great opportunity to order a unique wedding ring with moissanite online. This is ideal and you don’t have to go to a jewelry store to do it. Our jewelers are also ready to offer to model the design of your future ring online.

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