Moissanite solitaire engagement rings in Dallas
Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Rings

Moissanite diamond is a hard mineral of natural origin. Over the years of studying the crystal, only a few grains of a moissanite sample were found. Scientists suggest that there are no deposits of this stone on the planet, and the found samples of the mineral came to us from outside.

Modern jewelry production works with an artificial analogue of crystals, which in their technical parameters are not inferior to natural samples. A cut moissanite crystal is transparent and has the characteristic brilliance of a diamond, which is why it is often compared to a gemstone. This is because the characteristics of synthetic moissanite stone are almost identical to gemstones. This allows to produce quality moissanite engagement rings at the best cost to the consumer.

Benefits of an moissanite solitaire engagement ring

Those who first hear about the mysterious origin of the stone probably wonder what is a solitaire ring? Solitaire is a special design for wedding and engagement rings. The main idea of ​​the designers is to set one faceted stone in the petals of the jewelry. At the present time, manufacturers also offer engagement rings with moissanite in a different design. However, each model has a distinctive concept that jewelers adhere to when making jewelry.

If you want to surprise your girlfriend with a creative gift, give her a solitaire moissanite ring. The magical brilliance of this stone bewitches and attracts with incredible beauty. Having received a velvet box with a solitaire ring, it is unlikely that your woman will be able to refuse you.

The classic design of the jewelry, the practical properties of use and the low cost of the stone are the advantages that you should pay attention to when buying a solitaire engagement ring in the jewelry store in Dallas.

What Does moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring Symbolize?

Solitaire engagement rings are considered to be the most sought after jewelry. They are bought in honor of an engagement, for a engagement or as an original surprise for a beloved woman. These products symbolize luxury, mystery, wealth, elegance, and the incredible cosmic brilliance can surprise with the iridescence of the facets shining in the sun. The dazzling beauty of the crystal leaves no doubt that these are moissanite diamonds. Moreover, the cut of the crystal fits perfectly into the design of the classic solitaire ring.

Is moissanite just as good as a diamond? Comparing the technical parameters of moissanite and diamond crystals, we can conclude that the artificial analog is no worse than the β€œroyal” counterpart. The main advantages of moissanite solitaire engagement ring are:

  • Not afraid of fat. The unique surface structure does not lose its original shine, even after prolonged use. One example would be an oval solitaire moissanite engagement ring that you will love.
  • Resistant to high temperatures. Whereas diamond crystals crack and ignite when heated. The limiting temperature for heating moissanite stone is much higher.
  • Perfect geometric proportions, ease of cutting. Even small defects in the diamond crystals during the cutting process violate the integrity of the stone.
  • Incredible shine. Jewelry industry experts note that a moissanite engagement ring shines almost 25% more than a diamond in a similar setting. You will love the cushion cut moissanite solitaire ring, where its brilliance can outshine any sun.

How much is a 2 and 3 carat solitaire moissanite engagement ring?

The main reason for choosing a solitaire moissanite engagement ring is its affordable cost. Today, not everyone has the opportunity to purchase an expensive diamond jewelry, but the desire to please a girl is above all. Online stores in Dallas offer a wide range of jewelry, where you can choose 2 carat solitaire moissanite engagement ring or see the characteristics of 3 carat moissanite engagement rings, the cost of which is not much higher than analogs of lower weight.

Most often, the cost of the finished product is formed depending on the frame in which the crystal is fixed. Jewelry companies offer a huge selection of products in various designs, where diamond alternatives to engagement rings are presented in white, moissanite solitaire ring yellow gold, platinum or silver settings.

Depending on your financial capabilities and individual preferences, you can buy any product from the online store catalog. In addition, having familiarized yourself with the product positions on the website, you will have the opportunity to buy a moissanite engagement ring set at the most favorable price. It can be earrings with a bracelet, pendants and rings - all kinds of high quality jewelry.

Where to buy moissanite solitaire engagement ring in Dallas, TX

Only a professional with sufficient experience in the jewelry industry can determine which of the stones glitters in a product. For a qualitative assessment, you will need special equipment. Those who are not versed in such examinations will be sure that this is a natural diamond.

Want to buy cheap 2 carat solitaire moissanite engagement ring with delivery? Then feel free to place an order on the website of the jewelry store in Dallas TX. And if you have any additional questions, you can ask them to the company's operators. We will help solitaire moissanite ring buy online quickly and provide maximum information regarding the features of the products.

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